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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Hélène Giuliana affair, France, 1976:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Dauphiné Libéré, France, le 20 août 1976.


New interrogation under hypnosis for Hélène Giuliana who recounted the story of her encounter with a U.F.O.

ROMANS. -- A new session under hypnosis was organized on Wednesday evening, in the presence of several journalists, in order to try once again to hear Miss Hélène Giuliana, this 20-year-old girl who claims to have observed a UFO on R.N. 531, near Romans, on the night of July 10 to 11, the details of these two hours when she lost memory following this strange encounter.

Mr. Stéphane D., who practiced hypnosis on the young girl after the sleepwalking phase, then left the journalists present to question the subject freely.

We were able to observe that the witness was really asleep, although she kept her eyes open. The young woman replied, in a calm and weak voice, to the questions asked. Her account did not vary from that which she had given during the first interrogation. However, some clarifications have been made.

This is how the two "dwarfs" who had taken her out of her car and carried her to a "round room with a domed ceiling, and placed her on an iron table where she had been tied, in order to make her circles on her sweater with a small object resembling a flashlight", the young girl specified that the two dwarfs, as she called them throughout the interrogation, were dressed in a black jumpsuit made in one piece, with a kind of hood concealing the top of their head.

The witness claims not to have seen ears or hair on the dwarfs. On the other hand, these had large round eyes and a flattened nose, as well as a very small mouth which they never opened.

They were talking with gestures and seemed to be angry. "They were trying to make me understand something," said the girl who, several times during the interrogation, mentioned the number three without ever being able to explain why.

Once awake, the young girl expressed a certain surprise while listening to the recording made by a team of FR 3 radio. She did not remember any details of what she had said under hypnosis.

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