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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Dauphiné Libéré, France, August 13, 1976.


Under hypnosis, a girl witness of a U.F.O. sighting tells a strange history of abduction

ROMANS. -- The publication in the press of the mishap that occurred in the night from the 10th to the 11th of last June to a 20 year-old young girl, Miss Helene Giuliana, living a small village of the area of Romans just had a strange continuation.

Let us recall that Miss Helene Giuliana returned home in the night from June 10 to June 11, after having spent the evening at the movies in Valence. Alone at the steering wheel of her car, a "4 L", she drove on the National Road RN 531 between Romans and the hamlet of Ecancière when, a few meters after the bridge of Le Martinet, her car suddenly stalled and its headlights died out. The girl then tried, but in vain, to start again, when suddenly in front of her vehicle, she saw at some 20 meters, an orange luminous form, very brilliant, which was in the middle of the road.

The stop of Miss Giuliana in front of the phenomenon would thus have lasted nearly two hours, two hours that the girl cannot explain. It is this incident that told in the Press aroused the interest of the researchers interested in the U.F.O. phenomena. Among them Mr. André Revol, member of the "Ouranos" group who managed to convince the witness to agree to submit herself to an experience under hypnosis. The girl having given her agreement, a meeting was organized in Saint-Marcellin by Doctor Etienne D. who plunged the girl in a state of "controlled hypnotic somnanbulism".

Under state of hypnosis thus, Miss Helene Giuliana told that after having perceived the strange dazzling light posed on the road in front of her car two beings of small size had approached her vehicle, had taken her out and had put a towel on her face before carrying her to the light. The "dwarves" - to use the expression of Miss Giuliana - still explained the latter during the hypnosis session arrived at the height of my chest. They had a very black combination up to the head and were "very ugly." The girl then explains that shw was led in a room with a rounded ceiling and a floor on fire then to have been layed and tied on a table by the two "dwarves" after what one of them drew a series of luminous rounds on her pullover with an object which he held in the hand and which resembled a flashlight. The table was made in iron still explained the girl who noticed buttons on the walls around her. After this examination of which she could not specify the duration Miss Giuliana was led to her car again which "reappeared in front of her as if it were invisible before." The "dwarves" had then gone again towards the light which rose very quickly in the sky.

This history is not without recalling the mishap which occurred in September 1961 in the United States to an American couple, Barney and Betty Hill who also told under state of hypnosis a virtually identical abduction.

Jean-Luis RUCHON

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