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UFOs in the daily Press:

Michele Morgan's and other French reports seen by the US Press, 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper The Baltimore Evening Sun, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, page 4, on October 9, 1954.


Continental Diary

Flying Saucers - Cigar, Auto Bus,
Etc., Etc., Sighted Over France

By Noel Anthony

Paris, Oct. 9 -- A new wave of flying saucer sightings hit France this week. Film star Michele Morgan set the ball rolling by seeing "something odd" cruising over Les Invalides. She says a portly old gentleman on his evening stroll also so it and took to his heels.

(Note -- Miss Morgan's husband, obviously one of these skeptical types, just laughs and says "imagination." But Miss Morgan points out with fair logic, "how can a girl imagine old gentlemen running like Roger Bannister?")

Other reports describe French nigh skies being visited by (A) a flying cigar (B) Several glowing oranges (C) a violet-blue carrot and (D) what village gendarme Louis Moll, obstinately original, persists in saying was "rather like a small autobus." So far no landings, though restaurant-keeper Jacques Pre has a standing offer of a free meal for two and $50.000 for anyone who brings a Martian in to dinner.

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