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Nordic UFO Newsletter

Nordic UFO Newsletter was an English-speaking bulletin that several ufology groups of North European countries published together so that other countries were informed on UFO sighting reports in Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

1988, number 1, page 2.

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Unfortunately, we have to inform our readers that The UFO Research of Finland has folded since the last issue of NUFON. This happened during the summer of 1987, when a final decision was made in order to close the organizationís activities. Whether this will be definite, or the group will resume its former activity after some time remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it is very sad that Finland's sole national group (with extensive foreign connections) had to fold in this way, virtually disconnecting the country from the rest of the world, ufologically speaking. We wish our colleagues in Finland all the best in pursuing a new, national group in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

Due to the folding of The UFO Research of Finland and the fact that the cooperation with Riksorganisationen UFO-Sverige has been hampered during the last years, this issue of Nordic UFO Newsletter will be the last. We hope though, that UFO-Norge will be able to publish an international newsletter for ourselves, based on facts and news originating in Norway for the most. Hence, the next issue published by this editor (hopefully within 6 months from the time of writing -July 1988) will appear somewhat different in style and content. The name will be Norwegian UFO Newsletter and cover the already mentioned topics and contents. We hope that our readers will accept these changes, and for our part, no difference in policy, exchange/subscription terms, mailing etc. will be made.

In this issue, which has been delayed due to various reasons, we have included articles from all three participating countries for the last time: a possible abduction case from Finland in 1917; a spectacular sighting from Sweden, and finally, two cases from Norway together with an article presenting the current state of Project Hessdalen.


Groups and individuals not having an exchange agreement may subscribe to this magazine through ordinary payment.

The prices are as follows:

Norway: Nkr. 10,- pr. issue
Europe: Nkr. 15,- "
Elsewhere: Nkr. 20,- " "

Within these prices, handling and first class postage are included. Payment in Norwegian funds may be transferred to bank account no. 5201.68.03979 (Bergen Bank) or on checks drawn on any Norwegian bank made payable to the editor. International Money Orders are also accepted. While the publication of this tiding may be somewhat irregular, we recommend subscribers to send payment just for one issue at a time.

Despite this subscription possibility, we urge interested persons or groups to make ordinary exchange agreements.


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