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Nordic UFO Newsletter

Nordic UFO Newsletter was an English-speaking bulletin that several ufology groups of North European countries published together so that other countries were informed on UFO sighting reports in Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

1988, number 1, page 12.

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By Odd-Gunnar Roed and Mentz Kaarbo

Date: Sunday 13 July 1986
Time: From 0.50 to 3 am
Place: Breiset mountain farm, Torpo in the Hallingdal valley
Witnesses: Tove, Christer and Torfinn Tonning together with some friends
Nature of sighting: Lights seen and filmed at a distance

The night between Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 July 1986, the married couple Tove and Torfinn Tonning together with their son Christer and some friends were enjoying the fine nordic summer night. The location was the Breiset mountain farm near Torpo in the Hallingdal valley, Southern Norway. Suddenly, at 0.50 am, they realized that Mrs. Tonning was staring at the window, and asked why she was so astonished. "Look at the light up there!", she exclaimed. "Now it has ascended from the horizon and moved above two crossbars in the window!"

They all move outside the house, and Torfinn Tonning takes his video camera with him. However, he discovers that the batteries are powerless, so he must use the cigarette-lighter in the car. With the camera firmly fixed on top of the car roof, he directs the lens towards the phenomenon, which is located in an easterly/northeasterly direction somewhere in the distance.

The first object

In addition to using the camera they also have the time to scan the phenomenon with a pair of powerful binoculars. With it, they can observe clearly discernible details. The object is oval at the top and bottom. In the middle, three clearly separable circular lights are situated. The object appears as if it is illuminated by these three lights, which has a blue-white color. Simultaneously, Mr. Tonning observes some flashes of light coming downwards to the ground from the object. 10 to 12 flashes can be seen in each burst, evenly distributed in time. These blinks resemble that of a flashgun. Furthermore, the object spews out rapid sparks of light on each side; this particular phenomenon being especially clear and distinct.

An important feature regarding the object's movement, is the tilting to an angle of ca. 45░ (with both sides alternately shifting position), together with the apparent maneuvering towards and away from the witnesses. Moreover, ups and downs, more or less combined with sideway sliding, altogether give a complicated pattern of movement.

After some time, it descends to a hill permitting both the object and parts of the landscape to be visible in the same video frame (although this feature couldn't be recognized in the subsequent analysis). After a short while it ascends so abruptly that Mr. Tonning is unable to keep pace with his camera. Certainly, no helicopter would be able to ascend that fast!

The second object

Gradually, Mr. Tonning becomes aware of a second object just as he and the others are observing the first one. The latter is located just opposite of the first, in a west/southwesterly direction and has a stronger (i.e. more color-saturated), red-white hue. However, because this object seems to be at a much greater distance (it is considerably fainter), the appearance on the video is of a rather limited duration and quality. It is observed for a relatively short time, leaving the witnesses to study the first object more closely.

The videofilm lasts for about 10 minutes. The actual observation

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