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Nordic UFO Newsletter

Nordic UFO Newsletter was an English-speaking bulletin that several ufology groups of North European countries published together so that other countries were informed on UFO sighting reports in Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

1988, number 1, page 9.

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"The next evening (18 March) the object first observed by Karl Axelsson, evidently returned", Kurt Persson relates. That evening he and his wife worked in the center of the town and therefore he didn't observe anything himself. However, there were quite a few incoming reports from other individuals, indicating that strange things were happening in the area.

1) A man living in Lockne reported that during the night it was as bright as day in the town, due to some unknown light source. He couldn't see where it came from; however, it was a powerful, yellow-white light, he says.

2) A woman living in a community center south of Tandsbyn (30 km SSW of Brunflo) observed a powerful yellow-white light, which moved along the horizon as if it was an airship.

The UFO-organization has been in contact with both civilian and military authorities. None of them was responsible for any airplanes in the area at the time Karl and the others had their sightings. The plane from Linjeflyg was the only exception, and this machine was recognized by Karl. Then it cannot be a matter of confusion, Kurt Persson explains. However, the other plane that Karl heard that evening, poses a problem. He assumed that it was the Air Force or others who were out, searching for the shining object. However, allegedly, no one knows anything about it. The Air Force, who have a shooting range nearby, definitely denies having anything airborne that evening. The same holds true for everybody else who might be able to fly there. But the most important question remains: what kind of shining craft was observed by Karl Axelsson and the others? Where did it come from and what was it looking for?

"I hardly dare think about it", Karl says. "But one thing is for certain: this craft didn't originate from our planet"!


Hemmets Journal no. 31, 30 July 1986.



Date: During late July 1986
Time: Between 10.30 and 11 pm
Place: Tydal valley, Sor-Trondelag county, Southern Norway
Witnesses: A married couple (anonymous)
Nature of sighting: Brightly shining object at close range

A construction-worker from Stjordalen (near Trondheim) and his wife observed something really unexplained in the Tydal valley during the summer of 1986. They won't reveal their proper names, and the story is taken from the weekly magazine Hjemmet (no. 43, 21 October 1986). Having very few "hard facts" at hand, the story may seem quite worthless as a UFO report. However, we include it, because it is exciting and describes very well what other witnesses have observed during the UFO-era.

"This observation, which I am about to describe, and to which my wife is also a witness, we haven't told to a living soul. We are afraid of being ridiculed, and perhaps worse, being looked upon as fools, Revealing our names and addresses in

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