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Pictures by amateurs from France:

A collection of pictures by amateurs from France.

UFO picture from France


Photograph captured near Montferrrier in the department of Hérault on September 16, 1972.

Here is the picture in a larger format.

UFO picture from France
UFO picture from France
UFO picture from France

CREUSE 1969:

During the night from the 2nd to the 3rd of November 1969, Mr. Laguide, an insurance agent from the Souterraine co, (Department of Creuse) drove one of his friends back. At about 4 in the morning, they saw a luminous sphere of a dazzling white crossing the sky. It seemed to move away, then stabilized at an altitude difficult to evaluate. After having deposited his/her friend, M. Laguide came back to the sighting point very fast with a camera. He could take several pictures of the object. During more than one hour, Mr. Laguide and his neighbors could observe the phenomenon before it disappeared behind a cloud. The witnesses could not distinguish the shape of the object precisely. Various descriptions give an account of a ball of dazzling light. After expertise on the photographs, astrophysicist and ufologist Pierre Guerin determined that the object would could have emitted an ultraviolet radiation invisible to the human eye. That could explain the differences between the descriptions of the witnesses (a luminous ball) and the pictures where radiant structures appear.

UFO picture from France
UFO picture from France
UFO picture from France


This series of pictures was taken by a family of the city of Grenoble who had just bought of a house at the edge of the road of Olmo in Corsica, at about 20 kilometers from Bastia. When they were ready to take photographs of their new residence a disk shaped object crossed the sky. Three particularly clear pictures of the craft could be captured. It is possible to reconstitute the trajectory of the craft by superimposing the three photographs. Moreover the distribution of the shades seems to confirm that these photographs were indeed taken little before laying down it sun.

Each of the three photographs is available in a larger format, click on the picture to get them.

UFO picture from France

PARIS 1953:

Double discs are seen passing over Eiffel Tower at 3:45 a.m. in 1953 and M. Paulin took this picture. The photograph is from the Michael Mann collection and was published in TRUE Magazine at the time.

Click on the picture to get it in a larger format.

UFO picture from France

LE MUY 1999:

In the evening of October 27, 1999, at about 11:30pm, an anonymous person staying in a camp-site of Le Muy saw a luminous object through the window. She came out and took this Polaroid. The object then left quickly. The camera is probably of the SX-70 type, a common model without flash, 116mm objective, f/8, with 4 lenses, minimal development 20cm. Some models have an autofocus with ultrasounds but it does not seem that there was one i thiscase. The exposure is automatic, from 1/17s to 10s. The film used was a "Polaroid Instant Color Film 600" qith a 640 ISO sensitivity. Few natural phenomena can produce such a pure light, from a spectral point of view. It might be an enlightened lenticular cloud by a blue laser, the probability that such an event occurs being weak but not impossible. If this was not a cloud, it is then probably a UFO.

The photograph in a larger an uncropped format is available here.

In 2004, ufology group UFOCOM, which had made this photograph known and ensured a first investigation, examination of the places and analysis of the photograph, found out that it was a hoax: the image corresponds exactly to an image of a flying saucer in a science fiction movie.

The discovery of the hoax is explained (in French) on this page of the UFOCOM website:

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