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Pictures by amateurs from France:

LE MUY 1999:

In the evening of October 27, 1999, at about 11:30pm, an anonymous person staying in a camp-site of Le Muy saw a luminous object through the window. She came out and took this Polaroid. The object then left quickly.

The camera is probably of the SX-70 type, a common model without flash, 116mm objective, f/8, with 4 lenses, minimal development 20cm. Some models have an autofocus with ultrasounds but it does not seem that there was one i thiscase. The exposure is automatic, from 1/17s to 10s. The film used was a "Polaroid Instant Color Film 600" qith a 640 ISO sensitivity. Few natural phenomena can produce such a pure light, from a spectral point of view.

It might be an enlightened lenticular cloud by a blue laser, the probability that such an event occurs being weak but not impossible. If this was not a cloud, it is then probably a UFO.

More French photographs.


In 2004, ufology group UFOCOM, which had made this photograph known and ensured a first investigation, examination of the places and analysis of the photograph, found out that it was a hoax: the image corresponds exactly to an image of a flying saucer in a science fiction movie.

The discovery of the hoax is explained (in French) on this page of the UFOCOM website: http://www.ufocom.org/pages/v_fr/m_invest/LeMuy2/LeMuy2.html

Next case at Le Muy, this time as 12 minutes videotape.

Le Muy 1999

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