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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO again in Le Muy, France, 2001:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Var Matin, France, october 2, 2001.

Note: the previous case of a polaroid UFO photographic mentionned in this article is reproduced here.

"Ufo" at le Muy: true or false?

Observed by a whole family of the village, a curious celestial phenomenon could be videotaped
during a dozen minutes, last June

Does Alien haunt the skies of Muy? On January 8, 2000, we had taken the side - with all the usual reservations - to publish a polaroid document, taken on October 27, 1999 by a pensioner of the village; one saw a luminous object on it, of a resolutely "saucery" shape, hovering with grace in the indigenous night (see our opposite frame).

This shot had been communicated to us, at the time, by the local photographer Jean-Pierre Carigiet who was the first to have it in his possession and did develop and enlargment.

A year and half later, uncertainty remains whole: to date, none the expertises to which this document was presented could show its authenticity, neither that it is a fabrication (see our sideframe).

So there was no need to dwell more about it.

Except that, in this same village of Muy, a similar object has precisely been observed by a group of seven other witnesses. And that this time it even has been filmed.

Like a diamond

Thursday evening, June 21, 2001, 09:25 P.M. In the district of Ferrières, the Tosello family enjoys the last minutes of the day in their individual house. There are Alain, the father, electrician, and his wife Gisele, and their son Jean-Pierre (aged 17), their daughter Nathalie (aged 13). And three other friends of the family. On the terrace, Gisele takes some outside air. The sky is clear, bright. Some planes scratch it with golden contrails.

"Suddenly, while looking up," tells Mrs. Tosello, "I noticed something odd, like a large motionless headlight. I asked my daughter to pass the binoculars to me. I was then able to see, very clearly, that the object had a diamond shape, topped by some sort of dome. It was surrounded by some sort of windows with a line of small squares which threw flashes..."

Jean-Pierre, the elder son, then arrives at the rescue, armed with his hand telescope. A little moment later Alain Tosello seizes the brand new videcam that he was offered recently. He presses on the red button, in full zoom mode. And so he records the phenomenon, without interruption, during twelve minutes.

Alas, the video operator is as "new" as his apparatus: when viewed, his footage bears only little resemblance with the art of Steven Spielberg.

Without a stable support, the image - a scintillating ball - trembles and flimmers at the four corners of the screen, while the autofocus, obstinately set to infinite, does not let guess any notable detail. Except, in very short parts, when the focus was carried out correctly. Freeze frame then makes it possible to see the "diamond shape " evoked by Mrs. Tosello.

"A huge dark spot"

One must aknowledge it: this videotape, which we viewed via Jean-Pierre Carigiet, would have left skeptic the more convinced of the ufologists. Except that the witnesses are not concerned in convincing anybody. And that their observations carried out simultaneously with the binocular and the telescope appears definitely more spectacular.

What did they really see? No one knows. Something is certain, however: the good faith of these peaceful Muy inhabitants, which agreed without complications to deliver their testimony to us, could not be questioned. Their obvious soundness cannot be doubted either. "Balloons probes, planes, odd clouds, we already saw all that. No, it was not at all anything like these."

Behind the eyepiece of the telescope, young Jean-Pierre confirms to have observed "an oval thing, with a lot of square portholes with rounded corners, and a dome on top... I had the impression," he adds, "that there were two stages."

"- Then," tells Gisele, "the object - escorted by several small lights - moved away very slowly in the direction of the West; there it approached an enormous circular, motionless mass, dark and still, which appeared higher on its right. It was something like a spot in the sky, with sorts of smaller objects which darted about."

This last phenomenon does not appear on the video. Nevertheless, there is the fact than seven different people, this June 21, observed it. The entire display disappeared twenty minutes later, they remember, "in the direction of Draguignan"...

Optical illusion? Weather or astronomical whim? Spyplane? Pure and true UFO? Beware of the inopportune conjectures. But in any event, even if other witnesses should logically have appeared, the good faith of the Tosello family eliminates any a priori suspicion of trickery.

As for the rest of it, the answer is in the clouds.


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