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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers in the 1954 French Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Echo Républicain, France, on October 7, 1954.


The disturbing waltz continues...

Saucers in the French and Italian way

PARIS, 6. - Several Parisians said they saw yesterday afternoon flying saucers moving in the sky of the capital. Bystanders claimed to have seen one at 4:30 p.m., near the porte Dorée.

Mr. Pierre Allouis, cardboard reseller, was traveling in a cab for business when the vehicle was stopped by a red light. Hearing, he said, a shrill whistling sound, he looked through the window and saw a flying vehicle that fled in height, leaving behind a plume of smoke.

Mr. Allouis described the saucer as a disc larger than a normal plane and of silver color.

The same testimony is given by Mr. Gilbert Bason, residing 35, Faubourg St. Antoine, and Mr. Paul Julien, house painter, who lives 3, rue de la Pompe; the latter, however, believes that this is not a saucer but a flying wing that has the shape of a triangle with rounded edges.

BERGERAC, 4. - Mr. Jean Defix, fireman in Bergerac and Jean Labonne stated they have seen landing in the garden of the latter, a luminous disc about three meters in diameter, supported by three legs.

LEZIGNAN, 6. - Two residents of Lezignan Misters André Gardia and André Darsens, who were driving in a truck on the main road 3, said they saw a disc-shaped craft rise in a field between the village of Lagrasse and the hamlet of Villemagne (Aude).

The craft, they said, was about ten meters in diameter. Before they could approach it, it wrapped a bright glow and disappeared.

DINAN, 6. - In Mégrit (Côtes-du-Nord), a young farmer, Mr. Hen [missing part]

[...]oped MM. Andre and Andre Guardia Darsens of a glow before disappearing. The one in Clermont-Ferrand literally transfixed witnesses who wanted to see it up close and it emitted a strong smell of nitro-benzine.

When the craft moved away, the discomfort ceased like the smell.

Mr. Lehérissé claimed to have seen in the yard of his farm a craft of about 1 meter in diameter, within which appeared two human forms, motionless and the size of a child.


see our information page 4

NEVERS, 6. - In Nevers, five inhabitants of Château-Chinon said they saw last night at high altitude, a kind of bright spot, which split in two discs. These, they say, began to turn while changing color several times.

DUNKIRK, 6. - A merchant of Dunkirk had, several days ago, reported seeing strange bright objects in the sky of Bray-Dunes. An investigation was opened. It concluded that they were two military airplanes whose metallic coating could have been misleading.

SAINT-BRIEUC, 6. - Several residents of Saint-Brieuc saw, last night, a flying saucer which took the shape of a cigar before disapea[...]


The beautiful story of the poor fisherman

Fragrant, colorful and inhabited, the "saucers" are also international. In Mantua, they rose in tight formations and one of them broke off from the group to make a small air carousel number that lasted an hour... and blocked traffic in the center of the city, witnesses being in the streets to see better.

In Roverbella, finally, a poor fisherman entered into conversation with a "Martian" dressed in red, but they did not understand each other and his companion disappeared when the fisherman's wife came around. Misogynist perhaps...




[]be. They have been observed for more than one hour.

LA ROCHELLE, 6. -- Mr. and Mrs. Guillemoteau were in front of their farm when they saw, about a meter from the ground, a spherical saucer that could have measured 2 to 3 meters in height and of a diameter of 5 meters. The craft, which produced no noise, stopped a few minutes, then went up vertically. Mr. Guillemoteau the next day, went to the place where he had seen the craft and could find oily traces on the grass.


MELUN, 6. - Coulommiers newspaper "Le Pays Briard", published a letter from one of his readers, Mr. E. Farnier, Member of the Society of Civil Engineers of France, about a flying saucer.

In this letter, Mr. Farnier says he has seen over his property in Jouy-sur-Morin, a large disk of 8 to 10 meters in diameter "turning on the spot while releasing red-violet light, with a whistling sound somewhat reminiscent of the arrival of a jet plane. The craft was about 400 meters in height and hovered over twenty minutes above me. So I, said Mr. Farnier, had all the time to observe it. The craft then disappeared towards Coulommiers."

In his letter, Mr. Farnier states:

"Former commissioner of the Aero Club of France, having served in aviation, I have not been hallucinating and this thing was not a weather balloon, but a thick circular wing hovering on up and moving at very high speed gradually taking height."


MANTUA, 6. - Traffic was interrupted for more than an hour in the center of Mantua by groups of people gathered to observe a strange "black object" which, at a high altitude, stood out clearly on the blue sky background.

After making extremely rapid maneuvers, the spherical shaped craft - and according to some witnesses, it was part of "a formation of flying saucers" - remained for some time motionless in the sky before disappearing at the horizon.

On the other hand the "Martians" also seem to want to visit Italy. Indeed, a fisherman of Roverbella, province of Mantova, said he was approached last night by a "mysterious person", dressed in red, who would have told him "unintelligible words" and who would have quickly left before the fisherman had time to call his wife.

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