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URECAT - UFO Related Entities Catalog

URECAT is a formal catalog of UFO related entities sightings reports with the goal of providing quality information for accurate studies of the topic. Additional information, corrections and reviews are welcome at patrick.gross@inbox.com, please state if you wish to be credited for your contribution or not. The main page of the URECAT catalog is here.

Catalog of UFO related entities reports from Argentina:

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Date: Place: Names:
October 13 or 14, 2017 Parque Mitre, Corrientes
May 21?, 2008 San Carlos, Salta Walter Lopez, Omar Ferlatti, a shepherdess
December 15, 1981 Paso de la Patria, Corrientes Ruben Meneses
December 7, 1981 Rosario, Santa Fe Ricardo Buchark
August 2, 1980 Mar Del Plata, Buenos Aires A man
February 26, 1979 Serodino, Santa Fe Ernaldo Camusoni
January 13, 1979 Loreto, Corrientes Marcos Rafael Suarez
December 28, 1978 Arroyito, Cordoba Orlando Carrizo, Severiano Brunetto, Daniel Omar Brunetto
December 4, 1978 Province of Mendoza A woman
Winter 1978 Mendoza People
Winter 1978 Mendoza People
October 12, 1978 Famailla, Tucuman Workmen
October 7, 1978 Sauce Huacho, Tucuman Juan Carlos Torres, José A. Bustos, 2 others
October 4, 1978 Palpala, Jujuy Estela Barrionuevo and Mercado
October 1978 Mendoza, Mendoza Two guards
September 23, 1978 Viedma, Rio Negro Carlos Acevedo and Miguel Angel Moya
September 10, 1978 Las Salinas, Tucuman Miguel Angel Carbajal, Miguel Ledesma
August 30, 1978 Gobernador Dupuy, San Luis Miguel Freitas
August 27, 1978 Las Salinas, Tucuman Nuno Gomez
July 6, 1978 Maipu, Mendoza Francisco and Carmelo Nunez
May 4, 1978 Villa Mercedes, San Luis People
February 14, 1978 San Justo, Buenos Aires Jorge Daniel Lamazon and Mario Martinez
January 28, 1978 Sarandi, Buenos Aires Francisco Asis Miro, his wife and others
March 11, 1973 Avellaneda, Buenos Aires Eustaquio Zagorski
September, 27, 1972 Santa Isabel, Cordoba Mrs. Quiroga
Novembre 17 1969 Olavarria, Buenos Aires Aquilo Ramon Acosta
July 19, 1968 Olavarria, Buenos Aires Corporal Medendez, soldiers Cabo and Rosa
July 9, 1968 La Plata, Buenos Aires Estela and Silvia Boquin
July 2, 1968 Cofico, Salta Corina Robles, Francisco Emilio Sola, Silvia Rosa Olmos and others
July 2, 1968 Quilmes, Buenos Aires Alejandra Martínez de Pascucci
October 21, 1965 Guaymallen, Mendoza Quinteros
October 4, 1965 Puerto Beltran, Santiago del Estero Luis Ramirez, Maria Abela Cabana, Rosa Carbajal
October 1, 1965 Aguas Blancas, Salta Santos Vallejos, Antonia Aparti, Adela Sanchez
August 20, 1965 Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires Eduardo Yacobi, Teresa Ernestina Acuña de Yacobi
July 23, 1965 Perico De San Antonio, Jujuy Domiciano Diaz
July 22, 1965 La Plata, Buenos Aires Ruben Angel Napoli
July 20, 1965 Quilmes, Buenos Aires Ramon Pereyra
April 1965 Monte Grande, Buenos Aires Felipe Martinez
March 30, 1965 Jose de San Martin, Chubut The police
February 21, 1965 Chalac, Formosa About 50 persons
January 1, 1965 Torrent, Corrientes, Argentina Luis Souriau, Mario Alejandro Souriau and others
January 1965 San Rafael, Mendoza People
December 1963 Sauce Viejo, Santa Fe César Tulio Gallardo and two others
1963 Resistencia, El Chaco Three railwaymen
July 28 or 29, 1962 Badaja Grande, Entre Rios Ricardo Mieres
About 1959 Fiambala, Catamarca A child
August 20 or 22, 1957 Quilino, Cordoba An airman or air force officer
1955 Caseros, Buenos Aires Three people
December 4, 1954 Coronel Pringle, Buenos Aires Américo Aguirrezabala
February 20, 1949 El Maiten, Chubut A salesman
April 14, 1939 Cordoba A man
1914 Santiago del Estero, Santiago del Estero A child, a girl

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