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This article was published in the daily newspaper The Wichita Beacon, Wichita, USA, on August 6, 1965.

UFO Facts Withheld, Group Claims

Hayden C. Hewes, a young leader of a 5,000 member citizen's organization, charged today that the Air Force is "suppressing some information" about unidentified flying objects (UFO).

"If it is a secret government project," Hewes, 22-year-old Oklahoma City resident said, "this would explain their stubborn attitude."

OUR ORGANIZATION believes there is something real in UFO reports. Now what we are doing is trying to find out where they come from and what they are," he said.

Hewes, in Kansas to speak to UFO groupes in Topeka tonight and in Wichita Saturday night, is convinced some of the objects sighted are from somewhere in space - probably another planet in perhaps another galaxy.

"I believe they are appearing here for surveyance," Hewes contended.

"There have been too many confirmed reports from reliable sources over the years," Hewes said, "to believe some of the objects are anything but alien in nature."

Hewes is director of Interplanetary Intelligence of Unidentified Flying Objects, a research, inverstigation and analysis organization with headquarters in Oklahoma City. He said there are 5000 members with groups in 42 states and 28 foreign countries.

He said: "We are backed by a scientific panel of known scientists."

He named some of the members of the panel as Maj. C.W. Dutreau, director Civil Defense, Oklahoma City; W.M. Green, astrogeologist, Huntsville, Ala.; D. Johnson, assistant director, Kirkpatrick Planetarium, Oklahoma City, and Prof. N.N. Kohanowski, geologist and mining engineer, North Dakota, among others.

Hewes said his activities with the organization are on a part-time basis. He is regularly employed with the TG&Y variety store chain.

TO BACK his contentions, Hewes said the Air Force has investigated 9,000 UFO reports of which 663 have not been identified as phenomena. He said the Air Force has a special division at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, to investigate UFO reports.

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