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UFOs in the daily Press:

Sighting at Treleigh, U-K., 1976:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper West Britton, U-K., on July 15, 1976.

90 Cornish School Children see UFO

For about five minutes on Friday, three adults and at least 90 children at Treleigh, Redruth, watched a spherical object cross high in the midday sky... and what exactly it was is a complete mystery to them. Most of them - they watched from the school yard - agreed that it resembled two dinner plates face to face. "It was white and spinning", said Miss Deborah Foster, a teacher. "it appeared to be very high up, and came from the Truro direction. We lost sight of it over Carn Brea. It was saucer-shaped and seemed to have an aura or 'halo'".

Another teacher, Mr. Sam Hawkins, said he clearly saw silver and yellow flashed at 90 degrees to the object's direction. He said it was traveling very slowly. "It went though high clouds, yet we could still see it," he added. Mrs Sylvia Harris, school secretray agreed it was round and witish. She also saw flashed from it. "They were like lightning and were sporadic," she said. "I have never seen anything like it before." Miss Foster added: "It was a little frightening. I do not like anything I cannot explain." Pupils said there was no sound, and the sphere changed to green hue when it went behind high clouds. They agreed it was spinning and saw flashed from it. They were certain it bore no marking.

Mr. Sidney Thorne, headmaster - who is interested in UFOs - missed the sighting. He said it could not have been a weather balloon, as the object's journey included a distinct manoeuvre. He added that unexplained objects had been sighted at the school and by parents at North-countrry, Redruth, in March and November, 1973.

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