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UFOs in the daily Press:

Phenomenon in Cavalaire-sur-Mer, France, 1976:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Var-Matin - République, France, on April 24, 1976.



UFOs in the sky

It is 10:40 p.m. on March 19, 1976. Mrs. Pelle, a quiet old lady from Rayol-Canadel is formal on the hour, because the television program "Au Théâtre" this evening has just ended.

A number of unusual disturbances interfered with the broadcast.

Thinking of a thunderstorm for the night, she goes out on her terrace. That's when she sees "the thing": a rather large, round and slightly elliptical object, orange-yellow, very bright in the middle, turquoise green on the edges.

The object is moving. It comes from the North-East leaving two parallel lines that disdain the perspective and disappears behind the hill that dominates Pramousquier.

She notes all these details in a school notebook, but doesn't dare talk about them. It is so easy to pass for a madman or a crank. Simple people fear ridicule.

Saturday afternoon, November 13, a conference takes place in Cavalaire on UFOs, under the aegis of the Association for the detection and study of spatial phenomena (A.D.E.P.S.).

A hundred people who speak very seriously about these phenomena. Gaining confidence, she takes out her school notebook and tells her story. Not only does one not take her for a madwoman, but those in charge are extremely interested because her testimony exactly matches, shapes, colors, direction, time and place, that of a German national, Mrs. Ostergat, residing near Rayol, who had made the report in a statement not yet made public.

Such a coincidence would be too extraordinary. Ones has to face the facts, something strange crossed the sky of Cavalaire-le Rayol, this evening of March 19, 1976. Flying saucer, meteor, chemical phenomenon? We are not in a position, of course, to provide an answer.

But more than ever, these phenomena fascinate public opinion and the files continue to multiply in the archives of specialized associations.


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