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UFOs in the daily Press:

French saucers of 1954 in the British press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper The Guardian, London, U-K., page 7, on November 25, 1954.

Saucers Over France

Spotting of inexplicable objects in the skies over France is having a business sequel. Though some newspaper commentators have associated the spotting with excessive eating or drinking, three films with flying saucers as the main theme are to be made. One will tell a story of a reporter who tries to win a prize of $10.000 offered for the first photograph of a genuine flying saucer. The producers will follow some of the actual spotting that has been reported, including the case of a young photographer who spent a night away from his spouse during their honeymoon. He preferred to go saucer hnting with his camera.

Another remarkable authentic nocturnal incident to be included in the film will be the attempted shooting of a Frenchman by a friend who took him for a Martian. The producers intend to interview a hundred people who vow they have seen flying saucers, cigars, bananas, and other phenomena in thee skies.

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