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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Cergy-Pontoise hoax in the Press, France, 1979:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Sud Ouest, France, on December 6, 1979.


FRANCK FONTAINE, the young man who disappeared for a week in Cergy-Pontoise after having seen, according to his statements, a UFO fall onto his car, revealed yesterday morning that he kept memories of his period of disappearance.

"It was nice," he told reporters late in the morning at the home of Jean-Pierre Prévot in the district of Justice-Mauve. "When I sleep, it comes back to me, but it's not a nightmare," he added, adding with a knowing laugh: "it's special." But he refused to go further in his revelations. "If I go further, one will not believe me and I will be taken for a madman."

Jean-Pierre Prévot, one of his friends, who said he saw a luminous sphere surrounding the car at the time of the disappearance, said to have repeated the same statements under hypnosis. Asked about it, Franck refuses the experience. "If I speak under hypnosis, everything will be unveiled and I do not want everything to be revealed... I've had enough of this whole story."

Asked questions, Franck poses his conditions: "To reveal everything, I need guarantees from the State, when I'm sure they will not bother me." For the moment, what is in my memory, I keep for me."

Even the Unidentified Aerospace Studies Group (G.E.P.A.N.) does not seem to be sure enough. "Yesterday, they came in. I told them to talk about it for a long time but they left, saying they were tired, so the G.E.P.A.N., I've had it with them."

When the journalists evoke the anonymous phone call announcing the return of Franck to a radio station, Salomon N'Diaye, the second witness at the time of the disappearance, who also welcomed Franck on his return, confesses: "It is I who phoned, it was a message and I called around 5:30 am with my name, my first name and my address." Present, the journalist of the station does not hide his astonishment. It seems that no trace of this call has been kept.

Franck and his friends stigmatized the behavior of the gendarmes complaining about the methods used by the investigators in lively terms. In addition, they accused some of the Press of having ridiculed their comments. "We were dragged in the mud."

At the end of this press conference, Franck Fontaine again went to the scene of his disappearance to remake with complacency gestures made Monday, November 26, at 4 am, just before his departure for the unknown.

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