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UFOs in the daily Press:

Sheriff Val Johnson's encounter, 1979:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Sud Ouest, France, on September 4, 1979.


A sheriff meets ... a U.F.O.

A US policeman was knocked out, and his patrol car was damaged, by a mysterious luminous object near Waren in northeastern Minnesota, revealed Allan Hendry, a researcher at the US Center for Studies on Unidentified Flying Objects, on Thursday.

Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson, 35, apparently remained unconscious for half an hour following this "encounter". Mr. Hendry emphasized the strange aspect of this case, one of the few in which the appearance of a U.F.O. caused material damages.

The damage to the vehicle, in which the police officer was, is also... weird, continued Hendry: a headlight was broken without the entourage being damaged, the windshield was shattered, both radio antennas on the roof were bent, no insects stuck to it, and a small bump was found on the hood. In addition, Mr. Johnson's watch, as well as his car clock, both stopped for fourteen minutes.

Deputy Sheriff Johnson is currently resting at his home in Oslo, Minnesota. "I was really depressed the first two days after the encounter," he said, "I thought I had mental problem, it's hard for me to admit that, I'm used to working with logic, on precise facts."

See the case file here.

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