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UFOs in the daily Press:

Police from three counties pursue UFO, USA, 1975:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Sudbury Star, Ontario, Canada, page 28, on December 20, 1975.

Police from three counties pursue UFO

HASTINGS, Fla. (AP) - At least 12 policemen in three northeastern Florida counties searched all night for what was described as a multicolored, unidentified flying object (UFO) the size of three football fields.

"We just don't know what it is yet," a spokesman for the Flagler County sheriff's office said. "One of the deputies actually saw it. But then we lost it."

St. Johns County sent up a helicopter with residents from the tiny town of Hastings who said they saw the object flying sideways and landing in a wooded area.

Witnesses said the object flashed rainbow colors and was three storeys high.

Area residents also joined the search on foot in the area near the boundaries of St. Johns, Flagler and Putnam counties.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it knew of no planes that had crashed in the area and could not speculate what the object might be, a spokesman said.

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