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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Rutherglen UFO mysteru, Scotland, June 2002:

This article was published on March 26, 2003, in the daily newspaper The Rutherglen Reformer, of Lanarkshire, Scotland, and on their web site on

Rutherglen UFO Mystery

In true X-Files fashion it's a case that Mulder and Scully would love to get their teeth into.

And it has prompted a witness appeal by the Glasgow UFO Research Organisation (GUFORO).

They want to know - "Have you seen strange objects in the Rutherglen sky?"

Their UFO experts are following up a reported sighting of a "classic flying saucer-shaped" object in the sky on June 14 last year.

A 74-year-old Burnside woman and her friend reported seeing a large burning object in the clear summer skyline, just before 6pm that Friday.

UFO researchers have not been able to provide a rational explanation for the incident, and are appealing for anyone who saw something to come forward.

In a written statement to GUFORO, the Burnside pensioner said: "I was driving in my car when I first saw the object I am going to try to describe to you.

"My friend was talking to me when I interrupted her, and asked her to look up at the sky and tell me what she saw.

"The object we saw was very high in the sky and looked like one massive ball of fire hurtling towards Earth.

"As it came down it appeared to change shape from a ball to what now looked like a large plane on fire, coming down nose first."

The fiery object appeared to have smoke billowing from it, and the friends watched as it continued to come down.

It now appeared to be the shape of an upside down T, and it seemed to elongate as it fell, starting to resemble a burning jumbo jet."

The witness continued: "It had now three plumes of smoke coming from it.

"The object had come down so far my friend and I thought it might crash."

But the biggest mystery was about to happen.

"My friend and I watched in total disbelief as the object vanished, leaving my friend and I saying `Where did it go?'," she continued.

"This all happened on a clear cloudless afternoon at about 5.55pm.

"The object did not go behind buildings or trees, it was still too high in the sky for that.

"It had just disappeared in the blink of an eye."

GUFORO have ruled out astronomical explanations for the sighting, including a meteor that was passing Earth at the time. They have also contacted various authorities, such as local police and Glasgow Airport's air traffic control, but still cannot explain the sighting.

GUFORO researcher Jim Robertson said: "We are looking for witnesses who some to come forward.

"We will treat all calls as confidential.

"What is unusual in this case is the age of the witness, and the shape of the object, coupled with the fact it seemed to be on fire."

Anyone with information on this or any other sighting can contact the GUFORO 24-hour hotline on 07763 323743.

The GUFORO was formed in 2000, to conduct and promote research into UFOs and related phenomena.

For more information, visit their website at:

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