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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Quotidien de la Haute-Loire, October 30, 1954.


It was a railwayman disguised with a can, impermeable suit and a green lamp. The station of Creil saw the other evening its warehouses become the theatre of the most beautiful panic which proceeded there by memory of railwayman. One of them, indeed, a lampmaker, George Olivier, to make a good joke to his comrades, had disguised as a flying saucer pilot. Having cut a sort of houppelande in an old nylon raincoat, equipped with a helmet made in an old oil can bored of three holes, equipped with a flashlight whose bulb was painted in green, and two antennas, George Olivier penetrated in the hangars. The appearance in the night of this phantasmagoric being with the phosphorescent eyes produced an amazing effect. Railwaymen, frozen on the spot for a short while, found their courage and started to chase the gnomet. Catch it, shouted a conductor which had taken the direction of the operations, there is a newspaper which gives a premium of one million. When he was about to be circles, the Martian run around wildly, rushed at its prosecutors, utterring shouts and using the famous paralysing green ray. However, the score of prosecutors had enough forces to start a mad retreat to the station where they immediately held a war mission briefing. They were preparing a new tactic when George Olivier, without his disguize, joined them. "Did you not see the Martian?" he asked his colleagues. "Yes I saw it, I even touched it," answered Olivier. "And you did not take capture it?" "No, since the Martian, it was me." And the prankster, bursting into laughters, enjoyed a long moment the astonishment and the disappointment of his comrades. The heads of department of the merrylamp maker of the S.N.C.F. have, it appears, ambiguously appreciated the joke. But George Olivier had taken care to indulge in this prank before the normal hour of his duty.


Mr. Lucien Lejeune, mayor of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, has just taken the following decree which was approved by the prefect of Vaucluse and was made executory yesterday.

  • 1. The overflight, the landing and the takeoff of aircraft known as flying saucers or flying cigars of whatever nationality are prohibited on the territory of the community.
  • 2. Any aircraft, known as flying saucer or flying cigar which will land on the territory of the community, will be immediately put in jail.
  • 3. The rural policeman and the forest keeper are in charge, each one in his own respect, of the execution of this decree...

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