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UFOs in the daily Press:


The article below was published in the daily newspaper Paris-Presse, Paris, France, page 1, on September 29, 1954.



Giant Martians
collect herbs
in Portugal

There are many types of Martians. This is what can be concluded from the statements of a Portuguese peasant. Those we "saw" in France were the size of pygmies. The Portuguese Martians are 2.50 m guys!

In a letter to the daily "Diario de Lisboa", Mr. César Cardoso reveals that on September 24, at 10 a.m., he saw there, as well as three of his comrades, a flying saucer landing in the middle of a meadow in the Gardunha mountains (Spanish-Portuguese border).

- A sphere appeared in the sky, says the witness. It flew at breakneck speed and launched multicolored flashes. It landed noiselessly 200 meters from us and two figures, about 2.50 meters tall, descended from it. They looked like aluminum men. These visitors first gathered herbs and picked up stones which they placed in a blindingly bright box. Then, perceiving us, they came to us and uttered a few sounds.

The Portuguese not understanding Martian, the travelers invited them by gestures to get into their apparatus.

- We politely refused, César Cardoso adds. They did not insist and got back into their craft. It took off vertically and disappeared at lightning speed, releasing a shower of sparks.

The witness - who, for a mountain dweller, uses very learned terms - clarified that only the "poles" of the sphere were rotating and that the "equatorial" part was transparent and allowed moving shadows to be seen inside!

Sparkling lights

Is this the same saucer that a Panamerican Airways plane encountered? Captain Freeman, who piloted an aircraft of this company on the New York-South Africa line, declares that in the broad Atlantic, at 37 degrees west longitude and 38 north latitude, off the Azores, he was struck by the presence of several sparkling lights on the ocean.

Fluorescent tube
in Denmark

Portugal does not have a monopoly on mysterious craft. Several inhabitants of Svendborg, in Denmark, saw, last night, a luminous object having the aspect of an immense fluorescent tube and which moved at high speed in the sky. It disappeared after five seconds.

In Ontario, a "saucer" (which was probably a cup) dropped an "azure blue rain"...

In France, yesterday, the Martians were discreet. Several Parisians claim, however, to have seen a luminous disc which, after having moved above the Buttes-Chaumont, stopped above the Sacré-Coeur...

Also, two women assure that last Friday they saw a saucer landing in a field in Diges (Yonne). The "pilot" was inspecting the craft whose door he had left open.

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