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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs and occupants in France, January 1976:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Parisien Libéré, France, le 13 janvier 1976.



A motorist and a 10-year-old child claim to have seen 2 UFOs land near Grenoble...

"There are indeed in our sky mysterious unidentified flying objects piloted by living beings of superior intelligence and who possess a technique still unimaginable for us"... this was one of the conclusions of the exclusive interview of Maurice Chatelain, one of the leaders of American spaceflights, published here last Saturday.

And the facts, once again, have just proved him right, it seems: dozens of testimonies from trustworthy witnesses come to revive what remains the great enigma of our time: the presence of extra-terrestrials on earth.

And this time it is not just sightings of glowing discs passing through the sky, what is known as a "flying saucer" has indeed landed. And this twice in the same region of south-eastern France, first in the Isère, then in the Drôme.

At first no one wanted to believe it. It seemed so big... And then, one had to think about doing a more serious investigation once the testimonies from all over began to flow into the gendarmeries of the region.

The first to see the mysterious craft was a 10-year-old boy, Jean-Claude Silvente, from Domène, in the Isère.

The little boy, on his way to fetch milk from a farm, close to his parents' house, found himself almost face to face with a sort of blond giant, dressed in a shiny jumpsuit as if it had the property of reflecting light.

"The stranger had long, blond hair. He approached me, stretching out his arms. Behind him, on the ground, there was a craft lit up in several colors. A kind of conical "shell" with a round base, about twenty meters in diameter. I thought I was dreaming while awake... When I got back, I didn't dare to say anything..." explains Jean-Claude today. But the next day, at the same time, the object was still there.

And it was no longer just the child who saw it, but also his mother, his sister, a friend and about fifteen other people: from the place where the "saucer" was a blinding red light suddenly appeared, seeming to rush straight at the group. Everyone scattered screaming in fear.

Other testimonies match up perfectly with those already collected by the Domène gendarmes. Such as that of Mr. Taillefer, the mayor of Claix, a small nearby town who says he saw around 5 p.m. a luminous ball which moved in a strange manner, low in the sky; such also that of a 17-year-old young man who saw the "saucer" land at a place called "La Morte" at the very place where Jean-Claude and the other witnesses encountered the thing and the living being who had descended from it.

In the Drôme, not far from there, it was a motorist, Mr. Jean Dolecki, 41, who at 7:30 p.m., witnessed the landing between Saint-Nazaire en Royans and Saint-Romans, of a "craft 12 to 14 meters high from which 3 beings came out who looked like gnomes dressed in diving suits, with very short legs... When they saw the car, they returned to their saucer which disappeared at a fantastic speed."

The gendarmes again started an investigation. They brought a national defense specialist to the scene, who found no trace of radioactivity. But it seems that, for once, not all of their findings have been revealed.

And this is perhaps the most disturbing, because it is hard to imagine that it could be a simple "hoax" of a schoolboy with an overly fertile imagination. Too many trustworthy testimonies have arisen. And they agree. So?

It is a case to follow. A case worthy of interest... which has already had a famous precedent in the same region, in Valensole in the Drôme, confirmed to us Mr. René Fouéré who is undoubtedly the best and most serious of French researchers in the field of "unexplained aerial phenomena."

On July 1, 1966, in Valensole, it was a farmer who went to the fields, early in the morning, who saw a few meters from him, another craft from which 5 or 6 little men dressed in shiny overalls came down. Frozen on the spot by a kind of ray projected by one of them, the brave man had time to see the object disappear. Since then, the lavender has never grown back at the landing site..."

As for Maurice Chatelain, who, in his latest book, "Our ancestors from the Cosmos", studied the periodicity of the great "waves" of observation of extra-terrestrials descending on our soil, he can today triumph: the middle of January 1976 coincides precisely with what he had foreseen: according to him, the "pilots" of the extra-terrestrial craft coming from civilizations of very distant stellar systems take advantage of the conjunction of the four large planets of the solar system: Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter to slow down their speed thanks to the enormous gravitational attraction of the four planets. First in orbit around one of Jupiter's satellites, the craft from elsewhere would then go into a waiting orbit around Mars before reaching, 800 days later, the proximity of the Earth.

The last great "wave" of terrestrial observation on the "saucers" dates from the end of October 1973... and for several months already, Maurice Chatelain had announced that it would be renewed in the middle of January from this year...

Strange all the same! But scientists around the world will have to start taking all these mysteries seriously... even if the local police remain skeptical in this case.

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