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On January 29, 1952, at 11:00pm at 30 miles South-West of Wonsan, North Korea, 2 among the crew of a US Air Force B-29 "Superfortress" bomber saw an orange luminous rotating and pulsating 3 feet sphere, with a blue flame halo, follow their plane during 5 minutes. A similar sighting by another B-29 crew occurred the same night 80 miles away over Sunchon.


Washington, Feb 19 - The Department of the Air Force stated to day that an investigation has been ordered into reports from several members of the crews of two United States bombers that they saw objects resembling "flying saucers" while on mission over Korea. This is the first time for several months that such objects have been prominently in the news, the Air Force having earlier discounted reports of similar phenomena said to have been seen in the United States.

The objects reported over Korea are described as globe shaped, bright orange in colour, and emitting occasional flashes of bluish light.

NYT, Feb. 19, 1952

More information on these aircraft-UFO encounters of January 29, 1952.

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