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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper The Nugget, North Bay, Ontario, Canada, page 17, on October 28, 1978.

Officer watches UFO for an hour

CLARENVILLE, Nfld. (CP) - An RCMP officer sat and watched an unidentified flying object for more than an hour earlier this week, another RCMP officer said Friday.

The sighting came after an officer answered a call early Thursday. The officer then observed an oval-shaped object hovering at about 1,000 metres for more than an hour above Random Island, east of here, the spokesman said.

The name of the officer who saw the object was not released. RCMP say that the officer watched the object through a telescope and provided a detailed description of it.

It had a pyramid-shaped fin on the top of an oval-shaped white body and it flashed red, blue, and white lights for more than an hour before "it went straight up and disappeared."

A report on the incident has been filed with the National Research Council in Ottawa.

Meanwhile, a spokesman at the Air Traffic Control centre at the Gander International Airport, said nothing had been logged to indicate that a UFO had been in the area.

"All I can tell you is that nothing has been logged," he said. However, if the object had stayed below 3,500 metres and was relatively small, it could have eluded conventional radar devices, he added.

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