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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucer in Mexico, 1973:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Novedades, Mexico City, Mexico, for October 26, 1973.

Mexican Tells How He Saw and Photographed a Flying Saucer

The existence of flying saucers no longer appears to be a mere invention of people with excessive imagination or feverish minds. When mechanical means - such as photography - are brought into play to determine their reality, only one question remains: where do they come from?

Juan David Mateos Chanfreau, nephew of the deceased former president Adolfo Lopez mateos, has asked himself this question in vain for two months. But the issue of their provenance is secondary, because there is something more important: he knows that they exist, he has seen one of them and has photographed it.

The account he gives NOVEDADES shows the emotion the event produced in him; his satisfaction at the experience surpasses all limits.

Juan David was traveling from Ciudad Camargo to Chihuahua a little over 60 days ago. The day was somewhat hazy but precisely due to the lack of solar reflection, the landscape was clear and placid.

Upon reaching the desert area between Villanueva and the city of Chihuahua, he began to hear a strange sound coming from his car radio. He suddenly looked upward and saw an object suspended in mid-air.

He hit the brakes at once. He was invaded by a stupor and cannot remember if he turned off the radio, but he fully recalls the rigidity that took over his limbs for some seconds. He was afraid that something bad would happen to him. However, curiosity won out over prudence and his arm, guided as if by an electric shock, reached for the glove comaprtment where his photo camera rested.

"Before taking it, I had the sensation that someone was keeping me from doing so," he says, "and I grabbed it cautiously. I felt afraid again, but the anxiety of having proof of what I was seeing won out, and I stepped out of the car."

The craft, which produced a very slight vibration, rotated displaying its colors of orange, purple and red. Parapeted behing his vehicle, he was about to press the shutter. The artifact, which was to the right of the highway at a distance of some 60 meters and an altitude of 20, did not move. And the photo was taken.

He immediately felt the urge to flee, but some internal sense advised him not to move. Some minutes went by, which seemed like centuries to Juan David. Suddenly the craft began to move. Rising, it tilted until it remained sideways, rising vertically, and taking off at a fantastic speed. He saw no smoke; he was only able to hear an intense vibration that became more painful as the intensity grew. The metal turned into a multitude of dots that rose, blinding his riveted eyes. In a matter of seconds, the saucer was lost to the immensity of space.

Reality took hold and thosands of questions spilled into his mind: where did it come from? Was it terrestrial or not? But among the lack of answers there stood an unquestionable fact: something remarkable had happened and none other than he had witnessed and photographed it. The amazement of the event would suffice - perhaps some day he would find out the rest.

Translation Spanish to English © 2007, Scott Corrales, Inexplicata. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and Hector Perez.

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