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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in the Langeais area, France, 1974:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La Nouvelle République, France, on March 13, 1974.


in the sky of the canton of Langeais

CHINON. -- Yesterday, at 1:15 in the morning, Mr. Michel Blin, baker who, on February 23, had seen, like his father, luminous objects in the sky of St-Michel-sur-Loire (county of Langeais) noticed again what, for of better terms is called "unidentified flying objects".

This time, to get a witness, they woke up Mr. Beaugrand, cafe owner in Saint-Michel, to see the phenomenon. The retailer and his wife looked at the sky in the direction of the south-east. In the distance, two very luminous masses, elongated, of imprecise form, emitted gleams of orange color. Mr. Blin telephoned the gendarmes of the Langeais brigade. The sky was covered with thick clouds and the UFOs had disappeared when the gendarmes arrived in Saint-Michel.

A little later, Mr. Blin arrived in Saint-Patrice to work in the bakery run by his father. The phenomenon appeared once again. It was shaped like a cigar, with three rings at the front and three rings at the back.

Each end gave off very bright flashes "like lightning." Mr. Blin father and his wife noted like their son, this strange thing. It was then that photographic shots were taken and given to the gendarmes to be developed by them.

In the meantime, the gendarmes had collected another testimony, that of Mr. Lachand, butcher in Langeais. This merchant said he saw a flying object, in the shape of a crescent on February 24, when he was returning from La Riche and returning to Langeais. This object was moving rapidly in an east-west direction. It had the shape and speed of the one observed on February 28 by MM. Blin father and son.

The photographic film was developed in a service of the gendarmerie. Disappointment: it is was toasted.

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