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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Nord-Matin, Nord - Pas-de-Calais, France, pages 1 and 6, on September 15, 1954.


The flying saucers

Traces have been
found in Quarouble
on the railway by
the air police

While the population of the Valenciennes borough continues, for the most part to doubt the story of Mr. Dewilde, the Authorities take the landing of flying saucers on our territory very seriously.

Others have spoken of Martians. On the origin of the beings who would have explored the pastures on the edge of P.N. 79, it is perhaps better to assume nothing. The fear that Mr. Dewilde felt at their sight, if we admit that his adventure had really been lived, has certainly distorted his assessments, both on the size and on the appearance of the occupants of the saucer. Especially since the night from Friday to Saturday was particularly dark.

One thing is official, however: representatives of the air police have discovered, on the railway sleepers, deep claws and impact spots which may lead to believe in the landing in this location of a craft. They also found ballast stones with suspicious traces.

We add that young people from neighboring villages, namely Onnaing and Vicq, saw in the sky, at the time indicated by Mr. Dewilde, and heading west, a luminous disc.

In any case, the case seems disturbing.

A farmer from Corrèze
claims to have been kissed
by a pilot
of a "flying cigar"

The adventure of Marius Dewilde, this farmer from Quarouble, who saw two men embarking in their sidereal machine, is not unique.

There is better, if we have to believe a farmer in the hamlet of Mou-

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rieras (Corrèze). The latter, Mr. Antoine Mazaud, reportedly made an extraordinary encounter on September 10.

It was 8:30 p.m. that day, night was beginning to fall and the farmer was following a hollow path when he found himself face to face with a medium-sized stranger wearing a motorcycle helmet without earmuffs.

The two men were both surprised and the farmer, somewhat worried, made a gesture of defense with his pitchfork.

It was then that the individual approached the cultivator, his hand extended, as if to show him his good intentions. Then, fearing that he would not be understood, he approached the farmer, uttering incomprehensible words and kissed him.

He then walked away to a bizarre craft shaped like a cigar. And, before Mr. Mazaud recovered from his surprise, the craft took off vertically and disappeared towards the West.

Subsequently, the farmer returning home told his wife about his adventure, but asked her not to say a word to anyone.

"They would make fun of me," he said.

Mrs. Mazaud could not resist the pleasure of telling - under the seal of secrecy, of course - this adventure to a neighbor and soon the whole country knew about it.

The Ussel gendarmerie questioned Mr. Mazaud who confirmed his story. But it was too late to find traces. Mr. Mazaud is not considered, in the country, as being subject to hallucinations.

A flying saucer
in Finland

It should also be noted that several people said they saw a "flying saucer" last night near Helsinki.

The strange object, circular in shape, moved at about 800 meters of altitude. It emitted an intense light by leaving in its wake a long reddish tail about three times longer than the diameter of the saucer.

The strange vision was visible for seven seconds.

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