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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper Nice-Matin, France, on May 17, 1978.


Remains of an UFO sought in Bolivia

It was reported yesterday that the Bolivian army and police forces started a search to find a UFO, that peasants ensure to have seen falling, Sunday evening, at a few kilometers of the town of Tarija, close to the border with Argentina.

Witnesses state to have seen, that evening, a flying and luminous object fall in the direction of the ground, causing an explosion which was heard, according to them, several kilometers around.

The search did not yeld any result so far.

the mystery magazine NOSTRA #323 for July 1, 1978, published in France and French-speaking Canada, told about this:


LA PAZ. -- did what one awaited for a long time just occur in Bolivia? That a U.F.O. crashed so that one finally knows what these odd objects are? According to the Argentinian daily newspaper "El Tribuno" a U.F.O. reportedly indeed fell in the frontier zone between Bolivia and Argentina, on the southern slope of the "El Zaire" mount in Bolivian territory. Scientists of the university of Tarija, the city nearest to the point of fall of the object, went on the location to try to identify it. It is already known that it is made out of steel and of ovoid shape. It reportedly has three to four meters in diameter what makes the investigators lean for the assumption of the artificial satellite, but until now no country asserted the disappearance of one of theirs.

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