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This article was published in the daily newspaper Montréal-Matin, on April 8, 1977.

A saucer is said to have landed in Sainte-Dorothée

By Gérald Robitaille

The presence of an unidentified flying object caused a lot of interest Wednesday evening by two families remaining street Cléroux in the Sainte-Dorothée district in Laval. Indeed, at approximately 7 P.M., Jos Martin-Madisson, aged 13, noticed the presence of an unspecified object which moved at low alltitude and from which a strident noise was coming. He was accompanied then by a playmate, Alain Narbey, of 1326 Cléroux. At once, Jos entered the house of his parents in 1307, Cléroux, to tell the thing to his mother and two of his sisters. Obviously, Mrs. Madisson burst in laughters and asked her son to stop joking. Mrs. Madisson nevertheless went out but did not notice anything.

Once returned in the house, she saw her son Jos Martin entering again to tell her that the object had returned. Mrs. Madisson went outside accompanied by her daughters Caroline, aged 12, and Rachel, aged 11. It was true. The flying object was there and made bumpy moves on the right or upwards. A dazzling light came of it "as if a photo camera flash blinded us by moments", as Jos Martin pu it. Jos Martin entered running in his bedroom to get his photographic camera in order to photograph the object in question. Unfortunately, the object moved so roughly that it was impossible for him to point its objective on it. Then the object disappeared in a damp near the Sainte-Dorothée cemetery. Naturally curious although frightened, Jos Martin and his mate Alain decided to get nearer to see this object; which they describe as a flying saucer because of its particular shape. Not far from the cemetery, the two children were to see the object, indeed landed close to a tree and they saw somebody get out of it. This character, according to their description, had a normal shape as seen of the place where they were. Quite frightened, the two young boys run as fast as possibleand returned to their parents'. Early yesterday morning, they went again to the location where this strange object had landed. With fareful steps, although they were convinced that the object had left the place, they approached the place. One could at most notice two footprints in the mud as well as the traces of two distant parallel barses of four to five feet. The traces did not fo anwhere and came from nowhere.

Sometimes the setting sun takes odd shapes in the sky of Quebec.

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