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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO near Nīmes, France, 1977:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Midi Libre, France, le 16 novembre 1977.

UFO alert near Nīmes

An call is launched to the witnesses who saw it on the D418

The specialized group of investigations into unidentified flying objects "VERONICA" (Box 1288, 30015 Nīmes) has noted for some time a resurgence of testimonies about the observations of unusual phenomena.

This is how, for example, on Wednesday November 2, around 10:00 p.m., Mr. Pierre X..., from Pont-des-Charrettes, near Uzčs, who was traveling in the company of his wife and of his daughter on the departmental road 418 between Russan and Nīmes, found himself in spite of himself in the presence of a strange display.

A few hundred meters before arriving at the crossroads of the R.N. 106 Alčs-Nīmes, the witnesses saw through the windshield of their car a sort of gray-black top, motionless, silent, rotation, suspended in the air two or three meters from the ground.

The object was estimated to be three to four meters high. Two circular lights stood out on its widest part and looked like portholes or white headlights. At its base one could make out another light of violet color which flashed with a lively brilliance.

The first idea that came to Mr. X...'s mind was that it was a military vehicle: in fact, military vehicles are often seen in the area, because the road borders the Garrigues camp. But as he had stopped the car about twenty meters from the astonishing apparition, he quickly had to face the facts: the phenomenon did not allow anything known to be evoked, and a very understandable anguish gripped the witnesses.

In the meantime, two cars driving in the direction of Nīmes-Russant threw themselves into the trap: they came to a halt one behind the other at a short distance from the craft which blocked all passage by its hovering flight above the roadway, transforming the small path into a double trap.

The total silence that bathed this scene increased the feeling of anguish that had seized all the involuntary spectators: in a car a woman fainted...

After three to four minutes of completely static flight, a rocket reminiscent of the fog escaped from the bottom of the U.F.O. which rose slowly to a few tens of meters of altitude then continued a straight and horizontal trajectory, first towards Uzčs, then after a few seconds, turning towards Avignon. The maneuvers of the craft seemed to be done in a diligent and precise manner, and its movement was apparently slow. Once very far away, Mr. X... lost sight of it. During this time, Mrs. X... came to the aid of the lady who had been fainting.

Once these people had recovered from their emotions, all the witnesses hurriedly resumed their journey.

Unfortunately, only the X... family confided their adventures to "VERONICA", it is of the utmost importance that the people who were in cars 2 and 3 make urgent contact with the person in charge of their investigation services: Mr. Gérard Charette, 5 rue de Gisfort, 30700 Uzčs, who is personally handling this case. The strictest anonymity is guaranteed to witnesses who so wish.

The "VERONICA" group, a non-profit association, finally reminds us on this occasion that they are interested in all unusual observations, even old ones; that it approaches the examination of the U.F.O. phenomenon in a scientific manner; that it collaborates directly with the G.E.P.A.N. (Group for the Study of Unexplained Aerial Phenomena), official body headed by Mr. Claude Poher, from the Center National d'Etudes Spatiales of Toulouse; and that its ranks are wide open to anyone of good will interested in the study of these strange phenomena and able to participate in the various works it requires: investigation, photos, translation, typing, etc...

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