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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Midi Libre, France, page 5, le 27 février 1974.

U.F.O's A GO GO...


Carcassonne. -- A new U.F.O. was observed on a hill close to Espéranza (the Aude), by three residents of the area Monday evening at approximately 09:30 p.m., whereas they came out of a nearby house where they were watching television. Mr. and Mrs. Toscano and their 15 year old son, saw on the hill, 100 meters in front of them, an orange gleam in the shape of a crescent. One moment they believed to see the moon then went for the obviousness. This source of light could by no means be explained.

This appearance is not without recalling that observed the day before in the evening by several residents of Montreal, and even from a gendarme called for help (see "Midi Libre" for this Tuesday February 26), Mr. Calmet in particular, had perfectly distinguished the phosphorescent crescent but in his case this form surmounted a luminous ball.

The observation of Montreal was of a rare duration, nearly 2 hours. That of Espéraza, less than 10 minutes. It is not excluded that the two luminous phenomena observed 30 km away and a day of interval have the same origin.

As in Montreal, search and the analyses of ground remained vain in Espéraza.

The ufologists of the Aude - increasingly numerous - now have something to work on.

... and monday in the area of Lodève

Montpellier -. The U.F.O's also appear - it is not new - in the Hérault. Thus Monday morning, at 6:40, between Lunas and Lodève, an employee of the Poste and Telecommunication Offices of this city, Mr. Louis Granier, resident of Graissessac, managed to observe during some twenty minutes a luminous phenomenon of a strong intensity.

"It was a large red ball like four times the planet, Venus, says this witness. It moved by a succession of jumps at a sometimes very slow pace, sometimes extremely fast. The U.F.O. was immobilized above Villecun and I saw four beams of light then. It seemed to me that its color changed and became whiter but on this point I am not so affirmative as I am on my observation."

U.F.O's. have landed...

Tomorrow Thursday in Nimes (M.J.C. of the low way of Avignon), Friday in Montpellier (Popular House) and Saturday with Béziers (Palate of the Congresses), Mr. Jimmy Guieu will give a conference on the topic "The U.F.O's have landed".

Jimmy Guieu, chief of the services of investigation of the C.I.E.S.O (commission international of scientific investigations Ouranos) is a specialist in the matter of "flying saucers."

Here is undoubtedly a conference which comes at the right moment and which will undoubtedly, here and there, be followed with much interest.

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