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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO in Saint-Martin-des-Faux, France, 1977:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Midi Libre, France, 26 février 1977.

When a big red moon stains the night, the sky of a small Rouergat hamlet

RODEZ. -- "The four of us were playing cards. I look out the window. There was a big red ball in the sky. I blinked. I barely had time to say: "Look at what's outside..." When they turned around, the thing had disappeared. And then, a few moments later, it started again. And this time, everyone saw correctly. The others, they didn't say anything anymore. We all threw the cards on the table and approached the window. The red ball was going down very slowly. And it disappeared again. Very gradually. So we came out. We looked towards the side of the hill of the Roube. And all four of us, once again, we saw it well. When it passed on the other side of the hill we decided to go and see. Me, I was scared and told them not to go. And then, all the same, we decided to get in the car..."

Jeannine is speaking. A woman who has her feet on the ground. And who, Tuesday evening, in Saint-Martin-des-Faux, in Levézou, suddenly came close to mystery. But anyway, how was this ball?

"Bigger than a full moon. It was impressive. Very red. You doubt? Well then ask the men..."

There were three men: Gilbert, the husband, Francis and René. Strong fellows which it would be, it seems, difficult to scare. And they, too, have seen. And they were hardly reassured.

"It's true, we got into the car in the direction of Le Roube. At the top of a hill, we stopped. The night was very calm, very dense. Not a sound. We lowered the door windows, we listened. Moments that seemed very long to me. Suddenly, we heard a kind of very soft vibration, as if, imperceptibly, the chimes of bells were ringing, but a very muted noise. And then, almost at the same time we heard the dogs barking in the nearby hamlet of Juillac. Well, we got scared, and we quickly drove back..."

It was probably a little after 11:30 p.m. They all four came back to the café, at Gilbert's. As dumbfounded as each other. And, says Janine: "You won't believe me, but I assure you that I slept badly..."

Now, since Wednesday morning, the village is upside down. One only speak of the "thing". All these last nights, one posted behind the windows. Long and fruitless wait. The sky remained inky. And the gendarmes are investigating...

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