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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in Tehran and Gibraltar, 1976:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Midi Libre, France, on September 22, 1976.

U.F.O. against "Phantom"

TEHRAN. -- U.F.O. seen or not, as we generally say, in matters of flying saucers, unidentified flying objects or other U.F.O. (unidentified flying object) as the Americans say.

The last demonstration of this kind took place in Iran, above Tehran and did not help to clarify the mystery, on the contrary.

Projecting blue, red and green lights, the "thing" was reported in the sky of the capital by the controllers of the civilian airport of Mehrabad, in the night of Saturday to Sunday. Some of the locals had also spotted it. It was hovering gently at an estimated altitude of around 1,800 meters.

As soon as they were alerted, the Air Force decided to hunt for the object. Two "Phantoms" took off immediately, intending to attempt an interception.

The Iranian press reports the story of the pilots: just when the two fighters thought they had reached their target, the U.F.O. of round shape moved away vertically, at a fantastic speed, leaving the supersonics in place. Then putting on full throttle, the pilots tried to follow it, in vain. But that's when things got tough. Because the saucer, after a graceful curve then returned towards the planes, seeming in its turn to want to chase them.

Distraught, the pilots tried to open fire on the flying object but a sudden paralysis of their electronic systems and their radio communications left them disarmed. The saucer did not insist and went back into the sky.

Still according to the pilots, a circular element 4.5 meters in diameter reportedly detached at one moment from the saucer to land on the ground in the south of Tehran, before going up towards the parent element. Searches were carried out with helicopters to try to find this piece of saucer but the result is unknown.

Both pilots described the saucer as "as big as half a moon as seen from Earth, but three times brighter than our satellite."

This is not the only testimony of the weekend on UFOs and it seems that lately there has been a lot of saucers of the trundle type.

Several fishermen in the region of Malaga, Andalusia, have indeed claimed to have seen an unidentified flying object on Sunday vertical to the Strait of Gibraltar. They specified to the Spanish newspaper "SUR" that the saucer was in the sky and emitted an intense light, somewhat comparable to that of a fixed headlight.

For a moment, they further explained, this light was covered by a cloud, then three or four gleams detached from the central core before all disappeared on the horizon.

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