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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO in the Vosges, France, 1975:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La Liberté de l'Est, Nancy, France, on October 4, 1975.

A U.F.O. in the sky of Saint-Dié (Vosges)

UFOs do not often wander in the Vosges sky, and yet, the one who was seen on the night of Sunday to Monday (September 28 - 29) was seen by reliable witnesses and not at all victims of a collective hallucination...

In the night from Sunday to Monday, around 4:30 a.m., near Saint-Dié, on the R.N. 59, a young motorist, Jean-Louis Girold, was returning from Saint-Dié to reach Croix-aux-Mines, the home of his parents, passing through Raves, Ban-de-Laveline, when suddenly he had his attention awakened by an illuminated object passing in the sky at a certain height above him and which seemed to follow him...

This craft, which greatly intrigued the young man, "spit" red and white lights and had the shape of a large cigar. It even appears that it was surmounted by a turret which was trying to rise above it... Not very reassured, it must be said, Jean-Louis was trying to get back to La Croix-aux-Mines as quickly as possible, while the device was still following him... to the village above the church. There, he hurriedly got out of his car and ran to wake up his father, who came out in turn and saw the U.F.O. which was at that time above the small hamlet of Sadez, near the Rossberg pass, at a certain altitude, continuing to diffuse strong lights.

Jean-Louis' father is none other than Mr. Girold, mayor of La Croix-aux-Mines and school director, who was literally amazed by such a display. His good faith cannot be doubted.

The craft remained motionless for a moment, maintaining the same altitude, then disappeared behind the forests of fir trees, leaving the two witnesses of this spectacular vision there, completely stunned.

When we happen to read the report of such facts in the newspapers, we sometimes remain skeptical, but when we find ourselves in front of "the thing" we change our opinion on the question and yours truly knows what he speaks of; having himself witnessed a similar scene more than three years ago... Remember that a giant U.F.O. was seen on Friday evening in the Maubeuge region by a dozen witnesses whose car suddenly broke down on the side of a road. The vision of LA Croix-aux-Mines is in any case to be added to the already very loaded file of these mysterious craft that we suppose come from another planet, to observe the little earthlings that we are.

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