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UFOs in the daily Press:

the encounter in Riec-sur-Belon, France, 1974:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Télégramme de Brest, France, le 6 octobre 1974.



In the middle of the night, in Riec-sur-Belon
a family sees descending from a saucer with red portholes
three luminous silhouettes...

One fifteen in the morning, Sunday: a young soldier from Riec-sur-Belon, Younic Le Bihan, who returned from an evening with friends in Guidel, returned to his parents' home, 37, rue de Penmoor. In a few minutes, this young man will experience the most intense emotion of his life.

It is this friendly and obviously balanced boy that men from elsewhere have chosen to be the only witness, at the time of this writing, of their strange behavior.

Yellow and red lights...

Younic Le Bihan pushes the door of the living room and notices without paying too much attention, that the room is bathed in orange light. He takes a drink in the kitchen and goes up to his bedroom, the window of which overlooks the countryside, as far as the steeple of Moëlan-sur-Mer. The room is lit in red: he turns on the electricity and, believing it to be a fire, he goes to the window. It was at this moment that he saw about 500 meters away in straight line and straight ahead, a saucer-shaped craft as big as a house, surmounted by a "cockpit" with acute angles pierced with large rectangular portholes that emit an intense red glow. From the base of the craft, half hidden by the trees, balls of fire are escaping.

Three beings in human form...

Younic Le Bihan, who has turned off his lamp and taken his binoculars to better observe the phenomenon, is seized with panic when he sees advancing in his direction "waddling", he says, three luminous human silhouettes like white-hot metal.

"One was walking in the lead. The other two were behind, on either side," says the young man who, at full speed, goes to wake up his father and mother, who will also be witnesses to the scene.

The phenomenon was visible for three or four minutes. After this time, the family members saw a "yellow light" speeding south.

"Even the dog was growling: he felt that something was happening. I thought, said Mrs. Le Bihan, still under the influence of emotion, that I was going to die of friht."

In the early morning, Younic Le Bihan was able to determine with fairly great precision the area in which the saucer had landed. This area is located in the immediate vicinity of a stop sign visible from the window, at a place called "La Villeneuve", on the Riec - Moëlan-sur-Mer road.

No trace has yet been discovered by those concerned.

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