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UFOs in the daily Press:

Saucers in France, 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Est Républicain, France, page 10, on October 23, 1954.


"Stacks" of saucers in the sky of Ile-de-France

"One of them was moving at 10.000 km/h", a witness estimates

Paris. -- The gentle sky of Ile-de-France has been criss-crossed over the past twenty-four hours by many mysterious craft.

All of them did not appear until dark, but the witnesses brought a lot of details and they are now on the long list of "those who have seen it". In Bray-sur-Seine like in Lagny, in Moret like in Thomery, many inhabitants have seen at nightfall, an oval-shaped craft, of orange-yellow color, measuring more than 20 meters at 300 or 400 meters of altitude. Precision: the 20 meters would be the real measure of the object and not its dimension as it appeared to them.

The craft remained stationary for some time and disappeared at a dizzying speed. It could only be a Martian!

One of the witnesses, Mr. André L..., a weather expert, estimated that the craft was traveling at ten thousand Kms-hour approximately. So he must have, at the same time, a good view and a precise idea of the speed. Mr. L... specified: "I am absolutely certain of what I am saying, because I know the question well." But no one doubts it.

In Melun itself, several young girls, coming out of an evening class, claim to have seen in the sky, a similar craft which, after stopping for about ten minutes, would have gone up very rapidly in the sky.

Meanwhile, a luminous ball resembling a car headlight appeared six times to two industrialists of Melun who were traveling on the national road Melun-Rubelles. The appearance of this luminous spot caused every time a very wide flash illuminating the area.

Finally, several riders from a horse racing center in La Rochelle say they saw a character escape from their park. "He was strange," they said. "It could only be a Martian." These are witnesses who are not devoid of a certain sense of humor.

Tickle, tickle...

Much more disturbing, if not funny, is the testimony of a motorist of Cherbonnières (Charente-Maritime). He was driving along the road to Souzou with his son, aged three, when he felt tingling like electric shocks all over his body which increased as his car moved on. The child who felt the same discomforts, began to weep. Soon the engine stopped and the headlights went out. At the same moment a bright glow "changed" from a bright red color to an orange color.

Blinded, the motorist was able, however, to distinguish a stationary machine in space for a few moments, then the latter disappeared soon. Immediately after that, the driver was able to restart the engine of his car.

Italian disk

Numerous discs, saucers and flying cigars have, moreover, been seen in the Italian sky, above Milan as well as Perugia or Bologna.

The most precise testimony was taken in Naples, where two workers who were in the suburb of the city, clearly distinguished a craft, circular in shape, moving in the sky at about eight hundred meters, in a northeasterly direction. The phenomenon lasted three minutes and both workers were able to specify that the metal carcass of the disc was painted red and that a white smoke came out of it.

... and Swedish fireball

Finally, a luminous object having, according to certain witnesses, of the appearance of a rotating disc, and according to Others that of a violently lit aircraft, was seen over several cities in the center-west of Sweden. The object was surrounded by sparks. It is assumed to be an aerolite of exceptional brightness.

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