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UFOs in the daily Press:


The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Est Républicain, de Nancy, France, 1 october 1954.


The saucer photographed

An prominent Grenoble-based electrical engineer, Mr. Baccard, correspondent of the "Uranos" [sic, "Ouranos"] society, a private body whose role it is to collate the testimonies gathered on the "flying saucers", noticed that strange lights rose from a precise spots, several times a week in the sky, forming the horizon of the visual field of his [misprint in the French version, a mis of the words for windows and planets].

The engineer kept an eye on each of his moments of relaxation in his work, at those spots which intrigued him, and last Sunday, at about the same hour when the residents of Chambéry saw a flying saucer, this was what M. Baccard saw:

He saw on the horizon an aerial vehicle that he first took for an airplane. Indeed, the craft appeared as the fins of a plane seen from the front, in the center of which a circular protuberance was seen, which could be the cabin. Alerted by the unusual speed of the craft, M. Baccard had the impression that he was at last in the presence of a saucer.

At the moment when this mysterious apparatus passed vertically, it slowed down and then turned into a fluorescence; in this turn, the saucer (for it was a saucer!) thus revealed its circular shape.

M. Baccard had at his disposal a precision photographic camera: he took a photograph which, despite the distance (about 2,000 meters), showed in the sky a disc followed by a luminous trail.

A few seconds after the shot, the saucer rose vertically and disappeared at a prodigious speed.

M. Baccard plans to go to Paris to show his photograph, which is very blurry, but makes think the most skeptical.

R. L.

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