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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provençal, France, page 2, le 9 juin 1976.

May 16 a U.F.O. landed on a small island of the Durance!

The U.F.O. announced by the G.R.E.P.O. June 1 in this newspaper and observed by 3 young people on May 15 in Orange seems not to have been the only one to appear during this time.

To start with a U.F.O which was identify [sic] following the statement of 10 witnesses residing in Avignon. On June 2 they observe from the center of Avignon, at 00:45 p.m. and at a very high altitude, a machine of round shape and triangular [sic] silvery with a red point on its right. And seems to change shape all while returning itself [sic]. The U.F.O. after checks, proved to be a weather balloon. In fact the motionless nacelle because at very high altitude (6.000 m) it undergoes [sic] the pressure of various draughts, which also causes on its envelope turbulences modifying its aspect. The red point probably are of parachutes [sic]. But bevcause of the atmosphere and the perspective [sic] for any informed observer [sic] such a phenomenon can take quite strange appearances.

On May 17 Mr. and Mrs. X observe, at 9 p.m., a machine in the shape of a disc which does not correspond to anything known. This disc is of orange red color, and moves in most perfect silence in a North-South direction: actually Valréas-Orange. The witnesses are certain that what they saw was something completely real (physical) [sic] and which they had never observed nor seen before. Phenomenon thus to classify under term U.F.O. [sic]

But let us come to the much more extraordinary: a machine pose [sic] on the ground. For reasons of anonymity we will talk of the area of Cadenet. That occurred on May 16, at 04:30 p.m.. Mr. P... walked with three of his friends (all adults) at the edge of the Durance, when they saw at 100 m of them approximately, on an important small island of the river, a gray mass of metal. This mass was masked a little by the trees which moved (there was a little wind) but was nevertheless very visible. The object was as large as a helicopter and was posed there among the vegetation. On its top there was a small protuberance in the shape of a dome of white color. To the great regret of the witnesses it was not possible to reach the small island without getting into the water. The first idea of the 4 witnesses was that it was an apparatus of the Air Force. The machine was in the shape of a lens which eliminated a plane (moreover how would have landed?) [They did not see it land]. Then by deduction, they arrived at the conclusion of an unknown machine. They looked at the object 2 minutes, but "not being fans" of this kind of demonstration they resumed their walk. Mr. P. intended to return then with a pair of binoculars. The walk lasted perhaps a little longer, the conversation went to another topic, and, arrived on their premises, they forgot their observation completely. Mr. P... reconsidered it only once the night had fallen.

Wanting to be sure of it, he returned on the spot the next day but there was nothing any more: the machine was not there any more. The word of the end of Mr. P... was that he regretted not to have done more that day to learn know more. Because, thinking about it, he realizes now that he was facing something not quite ordinary which exceeds our understatement [sic, understanding].

A thorough counter-enquiry will be made on this affair, in order to emphasize perhaps other elements and in order to see whether possible traces are visible on this small island.

If other people were witnesses of this phenomenon we ask them to contact Mr. J-P. Troadec, [address] Phone [Phone number]

For the regional direction G.R.E.P.O: J.-P. TROADEC.

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