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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaperLe Provenšal, France, page 2, le 8 janvier 1978.


A U.F.O. in the sky of Orange

While opening her window facing south around 8 hours, Miss I.C., a young person from Orange residing close to the triumphal arch, saw a strong light above the Saint-Eutrope hill. Believing she was the victim of an optical illusion, she went to get her mother, who was also able to observe, during nearly 10 minutes this hearth from where a strong white-yellowish gleam emanated.

Then this luminous source rose vertically, leaving behind itself a luminescent wake (like a comet does) disappeared behind a cloud to reappear higher still but only in the form of one point which, gradually, disappeared.

That occurred Tuesday morning, January 3.

The girl, accompanied by her mother, went to the very close gendarmerie to report the occurrence; on their side, the gendarmerie investigated at the air base to check whether there had been launchings of weather-balloons for meteorological observations (the answer was in the negative).

Is this the same UFO which at this time wanders on the area of the Provence? Is this a specimen of an "armada" which furrows the sky of our province?

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