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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provenšal France, pages 1 and 9, on May 28, 1954.

A flying saucer seen Sunday evening above Marseilleveyre


Eyewitnesses reported to have seen a new "flying saucer" in the sky of Marseilles.

According to the account that they made, this mysterious craft was seen around 06:45 p.m., Sunday, above the mounts of Marseilleveyre. It was the moment when, after having been clouded, the sky was cleared under the effect of the wind.

Appearing at about 30 degrees above the horizon, the apparatus had a round shape and an orange color, with metallic lustres on the edges. It advanced "undulating" edge on edge, at a speed that the observers estimated not to exceed appreciably that of the traditional planes.

The observation of the witnesses lasted nearly five minutes, at the end from which the mysterious machine disappeared, hidden by the hill.

A private specialist in the question in the flying saucers, Mr. J. Guieu, author of several books and corresponding with other observers, in particular the American Desmond Leslie, endeavours to collect further details on this appearance.

From where do the saucers come from?

According to him, flying saucers would be of extraterrestrial origin. Do they come from the planet Mars? Certain technicians wonder about that and even suggested that the appearances of saucers would multiply between June and August 1954, time when due to the planetary revolutions Mars and the Earth are the closest. On this assumption, at a rate of 30.000 km-hour - speed evaluated following several observations of saucers in flight, notably by American radar bases - it would not take more than three months for the Martian saucers to reach our planet.

Is the strange craft observed Sunday a kind of scout?

People who may have observed the phenomenon of last Sunday or other similar ones are invited to share their testimonys which we will collect well readily.


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