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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provençal, France, page 12, October 26, 1954.

North in the South, the Italian sky is furrowed by saucers

Rome (A.P.).

Many "flying saucers" were observed yesterday in Italy.

Cotanzaro, in the south of Calabria, to Pesaro, on the Adriatic, in the North of Italy, strange flying machines were reported.

Fishermen cruising by San Bernardino, Fano de Pesaro and even Ostie, near Rome, stated to have seen a red and green "object" crossing the sky at a terrifying speed.

"Saucers" were also observed in Urbino Chieti and Forlimpopoli.

According to certain witnesses, they were followed of a green trail. According to others, they had the shape of a mushroom with a tail [obvious descriptions of meteors ].

In Chieti, the observed craft was circular of a diameter of ten meters and moved at low altitude.

In Pesaro in the north of Ancône on the Adriatic, many people stated to have seen an incandescent red sphere, with a bluish trail.

More than 2.000 km. per hour

In Trieste a score of witnesses stated yesterday morning to have observed a flying disc at high altitude, in the direction of the North-East, and leaving behind itself a luminous trail.

Saturday evening, the aeronautical services of the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs announced that certain specialized people observed "strange objects" moving at more than 2000 kilometers per hour, along the Thyrenian coast at twilight and during the night.

An "unidentified object" in the sky between Vedène and Le Pontet

Avignon (C.P.).

In the evening of Saturday, between 06:30 p.m.and 06:45 p.m., a girl of Entraigues, Miss Marcelle Espiard, who rode a bicycle on the road between Vedène and Le Pontet, saw at a distance of approximately a kilometer, in direction of the East, a spherical object which seemed to rise then to go down again in the sky while passing from sharp red to white.

Frightened, the girl called passers by which, too, located the object clearly.

It disappeared completely around 06:45. However, other people are said to have seen it a few moments later. Without being very affirmative, Miss Espiard had, at a given moment, the impression that other smaller luminous balls floated during some time around the first.

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