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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provencal, France, page 16, on July 25, 1977.

U.F.O.'S in the Gard?

U.F.O.'s or simply an accident in a power transformer of the E.D.F. [national power company]? Residents of Gallician (the Gard) andt, more specifically, Mre Rosette Pascal, her daughter Régine, her son and her step-daughter, who have been witnesses of the phenomenon, the other night, rather favor the first solution.

Thus, they noticed, near their house, a phosphorescent green gleam at ground level. Balls, also green, came out of it and changed to the orange when touching the ground. The phenomenon alsted, according to the witnesses, half an hour, then the lights moved away.

The next day, the community noted the destruction of an E.D.F. transformer, at one kilometer from the house of the Pascals.

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