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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provenšal, France, page 22, on May 18, 1977.

Abducted by a UFO during 15 minutes
A Chilean corporal comes back with a 3 days beard

A corporal of the Chilean army was "sequestered" during fifteen (terrestrial) minutes, on last April 25th, by an unidentified flying object (UFO), close to the locality of Putre, 2.200 kilometers in the North-East of Santiago on the Bolivian border, local newspapers reported Monday.

The patrol, composed of six soldiers and a corporal, was busy in routine work when within less than 500 meters of distance, an intense light appeared and drew the attention of a sentinel. Corporal Armando Valdes then moved away from his men in direction of the light and suddenly disappeared a few minutes before the UFO also disappeared.

A quarter of hour later, he suddenly reappeared next to his men and exclaimed "Muchachos" before collapsing in unconsciousness. The corporal's beard had grown as if several days had passed and the expression of his face remained marked by an expression of uncanny susprise in front of something incredible and unfathomable. When he was conscious again a few moments after, corporal Valdes was unable to remember what had really occurred, but he realized that his watch advanced of fifteen minutes and that it indicated April 30 on its calendar.

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