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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provenšal, France, page 19, on January 15, 1979.

The United States Air Force said to have shot down UFOs

Two Phantom 4 fighter-bombers of the American air force chased two unidentified flying objects in Iran in 1976, indicates documents of the C.I.A. made public following an action in court by the association "Ground Saucer Watch" based in Phoenix (Arizona).

"Ground Saucer Watch" used an American law on the freedom of information to obtain 1000 pages of documents of the intelligence agency.

According to Mr. William Spaulding, responsible person of "Ground Saucer Watch", these documents, which contain several detailed descriptions of encounters between the United States Air Force and the flying saucers, prove the existence links and common patterns to all the UFO appearances. Mr. Spaulding estimates that the UFOs are on mission of monitoring of the earth. The responsible person of "Ground Saucer Watch" also stated to have in his possession two statements under oath by colonels of the United States Air Force in retirement revealing that two UFOs that crashed on the ground had been recovered.

According to the two retired officers, who saw the corpses of the passengers of the flying machines, the extraterrestrials have a size of approximately 1 meter 20 and a skin of silvery color. The small chaps also wore metallized suits which seemed to have melted with their body under the effect of heat.

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