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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provençal, France, page 16, le 10 décembre 1973.

"Flying saucers"
in Italy and Austria

The U.F.O. (unidentified flying objects) multiply in the sky of Italy. After the mysterious luminous machines located above the Piedmont, it is in the pastures of the Abruzzi, in the very center of the boot, that three young people saw "a flying object of strong luminous intensity" which flew "at a fantastic speed" towards the south-west.

Other people of the area claim to have seen, also, the luminous machine [or a commonplace meteor!] these last days. The astronomical observatory of Colluriana, in the Abruzzi, did not observe anything abnormal: its instruments were, they specify, pointed towards the Kohoutek comet.

A U.F.O. was also seen Saturday, shortly before nightfall, by two guards forresters close to the locality of St-Anton, in low Austria.

According to information by the police who recorded the statements of the two men, the U.F.O had the shape of a sharp red ball with an incandescent trail.

The passing of the object in the sky is said to have lasted approximately ten seconds.

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