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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Progrès, de Lyon, France, page 6, on November 4, 1972.


A Jurassic pisciculturist believed he was threatened by a mysterious flying object at the foot of the cascades of the Hérisson

LONS-LE-SAULNIER: Whereas he was working, Thursday afternoon, with his pisciculture, at the foot of the cascades of the "Hérisson" [hedgehog], Mr. George Vuillien of Doucier, was the witness of a phenomenon to classify in the already long list of the "U.F.O." (unidentified flying objects).

At 04:20 p.m. exactly, whereas he was alone in this picturesque site, Mr. Vuillien suddenly saw, in the sky, a trail like those left by jet airplanes, but of white silver color. This trail moved vertically, in spaced volutes of 50 in 50 centimeters.

The machine, which had the now traditional shape of a flying saucer, came to a motionless hovering within 70 meters approximately of Mr. Vuillien and stabilized at a height of 10 meters. It had a diameter of 20 meters and the cockpit itself was of 12 meters, by 2 to 2.50 meters in height.

The entourage was brilliant, but dissimulated the interior. Five minutes went by, then the machine banked almost at the vertical and rose in the sky, slowly initially, then "like a gun shell": this is the expression that Mr. Vuillien uses.

Arrived at the height of the jet planes - 10.000 to 11.000 meters - the saucer stopped for three to four minutes, looking like a large grapefruit, then disappeared completely.

All along, the appearance had occurred without any noise and the taking off was done without the help of any rocket.

During the dialogue that we had with him yesterday, Mr. George Vuillien still poorly hid his emotion. He does not hide that he was very afraid and that at some time he sent to get his shotgun in his car. "It blows you away", he said, "and I was afraid of being kidnapped."

That's understandable, and many people, in her place, would have had the same defence reaction. Coming from Mr. George Vuillien, a man of perfect reputation and who is not accustomed to "telling stories", this report will not fail to cause comments, creating trouble and puzzlement.

    Henri PUTET

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