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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in Argentina, 1978:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Progrès, Lyon, France, on May 5, 1978.

UFOs on the Andes

Five soldiers and an Argentine non-commissioned officer claim to have seen, on Wednesday night, two formations of flying saucers from the terrace of their barracks in San Juan (west of the country), a local newspaper reported yesterday.

They said they first saw an intense glow, coming from the Andes Mountains. A few moments later, about fifteen luminous spots of identical size flew over, at very high altitude, the terrace and the soldiers affirm that they had seen the shape of a flying saucer. They flew in a triangle and disappeared towards the southwest, they add.

Immediately afterwards, they continued, a similar formation appeared and followed the same direction.

For some time now, UFOs seem to have made South America and particularly Argentina their operation base. Indeed, last Thursday, a UFO was seen in Ecuador and in recent days, a formation of about thirty UFOs has been reported twice, west of Argentina.

However, still in Argentina, a metallic object, described in the Argentine press as an artificial satellite, was found in the border area between Bolivia and Argentina, we learned yesterday in Buenos Aires.

According to the daily "El Tribuno", from Salta, the ovoid steel object, three to four meters in diameter fell on Saturday May 6 on the southern slope of Mount "El Zaire", in Bolivian territory.

Scientists from the University of Tajira, the city closest to where the object fell, went to the scene to identify it.

One cannot fail to compare this information with observations made by the Argentine military.

If one does not believe in extraterrestrials, one can think of the passage of artificial satellites and the fall of one of them, as happened with the "Cosmos 1954", which fell in Canada.

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