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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French saucers flap in the Press:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Méridional, France, page 7, on October 1, 1954.


For a few days, testimonys of people claimimg to have seen mysterious luminous objects in the sky have arrived from all the corners of France.

If all these testimonys agree on the shape of "saucer" of the craft, they do not always agree on their color.

In Cabestang (Eastern Pyrenees), a truck driver, which carried out the collecting of milk on Wednesday, around 6 o'clock, stated to have seen in front of his vehicle a "shining sphere", of blue color, "which evolved at an altitude of approximately 150 meters while producing a very soft buzz". Having stopped its truck, the driver could observe the evolutions of the machine during nearly a quarter of hour then, suddenly, it is said to have risen in the sky and to have disappeared in the direction of the sea.

A flying saucer is said to have been seen in Auge (the Deux-Sevres). In addition, Mr. Pigaud, director of a brewery in Sainte-Pozanne, stated to have seen during a few minutes, whereas he drove on the road of Fontenay-la-Compte, a curious disc of a shining yellow.

The inhabitants of Landeda and Abereac (Finistère), saw, Wednesday evening, at high altitude, a machine of circular shape.

In the area of Melun, several inhabitants of the commune of Rebais stated to have seen a very shining craft, circulating after the fall of night in the sky. Witnesses specified that the apparatus, which circulated very gently, had then moved towards Coulommiers, after having increased its speed, and had disappeared. The C.R.S. [Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité, a police force] also saw a luminous disc in the sky, above Vaudoy.

Lastly, Wednesday evening, around 06:30 p.m., many witnesses in Apt saw a disc flying in the sky.

In Morocco

CASABLANCA. -- witnesses worthy of faith saw, Wednesday evening, in the sky of Kourigra, a locality situated at approximately 130 kilometers of Casablanca, a craft of circular shape, of red color, evolving at a high altitude and a high speed and which seemed to spit flames of a green blue [sic].

In addition, a machine of lengthened shape was seen, Wednesday evening, around 08:30 p.m., in the sky of Safi. The "cigar" moved at a high speed from the East to the North-West. It was surrounded by a bluish light and left behind a luminous trail. The witnesses stated that this craft was not a jet plane at all.


VIENNA. -- "Flying saucers" regularly reported for some time in Austria, are said to be, according to "Bild Telegraf", guided missiles used by certain powers to drop anticommunists leaflets above Czechoslovakia.

This newspaper reports indeed that leaflets written in Czech language were found close to Eferding, in High-Austria (Soviet zone), after the passage of two "luminous discs" whose evolutions were observed by two gendarmes of a nearby town.

These leaflets, released by a group of emigrants belonging to the movement "Czechoslovakian opposition" invite the peasants of Czechoslovakia to leave the agricultural communities and the State farms.

Two other daily newspapers also mention the testimony of several peasants who claim to have seen a "saucer" taken in the beam of a searchlight of the Soviet anti aircraft defence.

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