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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Méridional, France, page 15, le 15 juillet 1978.

The station master awaited a train: it was a "UFO"...

An Argentinian station master was hospitalized, Thursday morning, following the nervous shock caused by the appearance of an UFO.

Station master of Remblon, in the province of Mendoza, at 1.100 km. to the west of Buenos-Aires, Mr. Felipe Orozco went up Wednesday, at about 11 p.m., the signal tower of his station to prepare the reception of a convoy of goods, when he saw an intense light, coming from the South, that he mistook one moment for that of the awaited train.

His perplexity was changed into fear then in panic when he realized that the light, increasingly intense, was diffused by a strange object which flew over the station and illuminated it entirely during a few seconds.

Thrown into a panic, Mr. Orozco ran to lock himself up in his office where many domestic animals had also taken refuge. It is there, in prey of a nrevous breakdown, that driver of the convoy, surprized not to find anybody to accomodate him and open the way to him.

A motorist who crossed this area about the same hour to go to Mendoza was, thereafter, to confirm the passage of the flying object which had dazzled him for a while before disappearing.

The presence of UFOs in the west of Argentina was the subject of many testimonys since last February. Nine people had then stated to have followed the evolutions of a UFO in the valley of Uco (Mendoza), while others had been seen in the province close to San Luis.

The next month, a new flying object was reported in Mendoza. Lastly, in May, it was three flotillas of UFO that crossed the sky, observed by various people among them several soldiers, in Villa Mercedes, Mendoza and San Juan.

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