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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs IN FRANCE, 1974 - 1975:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Dauphiné, édition de Lyon, France, page 1, on August 19, 1975.

A U.F.O. chases three inhabitants of the Haute-Marne!

LANGRES (A.C.P. A.P.L.). -- A U.F.O. seen in Haute-Marne, again... But this time the facts are different and the precision of their report seems to discar any notion of fraud.

The gendarmerie squad of Andalot indeed collected testimonys of three people who lived, Saturday evening, two hours of terror. On their indications, it was even possible to reconstitute the shape of this apparatus: 30 meters in diameter, and a red-orange luminescence illuminating the countryside.

Dominique Samie, aged 18, was leaving Andalot Saturday evening and drove towards Bologne by the C.D. 44. It is approximately 11:30 p.m. when suddenly, at a railway crossing, he sees a luminous object hovering on the left of the railway. Not believing his eyes, he stops his vehicle. The machine disappears, to materialize 100 meters further. Then the U.F.O. moves slowly towards him.

Dominique then carries out the fastest reverse gear of his life and awoke one of his friends, Patrick Pingat aged 18.


Both return on the spot, with a camera. The apparatus is still there, and they take two photographs before fleeing to go wake up Mr. Samie, owner of the "Hotel des Voyageurs".

"I did not believe in it myself, but the two young people seemed so impressed that I decided to go there with them", said Mr. Samie later. But by prudence, the three men circumvent the place where the first appearance had occurred in order to take it by reverse.

Definitely, the machine stuck to them since they see it just above the viaduct, before disappearing once again. It is midnight and a half. A fantastic display is offered to their eyes: four gigantic beams of light suddenly spouted out of the darkness. Then, gradually, the apparatus appears in the middle.

At this point in time an incredible car chase starts. "I believe that I had never been so afraid in my life" Mr. Samie specifies.


The object indeed gives up its static position to move in their direction. Scared to death, , the restorer then desperately his his accelerator, but the apparatus still follows. At last, a village, Chantraines... all of a sudden, the apparatus disappears as by enchantement.

Recovering their breath, the three men decide to leave the village but they find the machine at the exit, waiting for them. The race begins again and is ends in Blancheville where the fugitive find refuge behind the church.

"At this point in time the light disappeared as if the electricity had been suddenly turned off, explains Mr. Samie,

This story, the three motorists told it Sunday to the gendarmerie of Andelot, where it was initially received with caution. But the gendarmes nevertheless opened an investigation which revealed the three heroes of the adventure were not the only ones to have seen this phenomenon, since they could count four other witnesses, who wanted to preserve their anonymity.

Let's report that it is not the first time U.F.O. are reported in the sky of the Haut-Marnais, though not in such an insistent manner. On February 2, 1975, three young people had seen one above the lake of Der. Two photographs had been taken, but the film presented traces of burns. The next 8 of March in Ancerville, another U.F.O. appeared. Again in Ancerville, in June 1954 and October 1954, a U.F.O. was seen and had even frightened a herd of sheep. On February 13, 1974, an employee of the Savings Bank of Langres had taken a photograph of an apparatus in the area of Langres. A few days before, above Langres, several residents of a nearby village had seen a luminous object moving in the night.

On February 24, 1974, two gendarmes of Chevillon saw a flying-cigar of red color. In August of the same year, it is a whole flotilla of six balls that was seen by a resident of Eclaron from his window. At the end of 1974, several inhabitants of Genevorye noted the same phenomenon.

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